Cassandra’s Musing of the Day…

I dream a little dream of me.
That dreams of a little dream of me.

You dream a little dream of you.
That dreams of a little dream of you.

We both dream a dream of a soul’s recursion.
In infinite lives, and infinite dispersions.

But we dream of a soul that is not there.
But the dream of that soul, it does not care.

Materialism and Idealism both sing of souls.
One is determinedly real, and one a free-will “suppose.”

Talking to Alzheimers – 2

I’m a Personal Fitness Trainer for my day job. I had this conversation with an elderly client a few years ago whose story is changed just enough to hide her identity.

CLIENT: “Will, I can only get five sessions now. My husband is in memory care and the bills are killing me.”

ME: “Yikes! I’m sorry. No worries. I’m glad to help. My mom is in memory care right now. How are you holding up?”

CLIENT: “Oh, he’s fine. He thinks I’m his mother …  AND …  he now has a girlfriend.”

ME: “Ow. How does THAT feel?”

CLIENT: “I’m okay. He’s a story teller, and I get to watch her hang on his every word.”


CLIENT: It’s good to see him in love.”

ME: (TRYING NOT TO TEAR UP): “Excuse me, but I have exactly three words for you


… BEST …


… WIFE …



Talking to Alzheimers

Went to see mom today. Asked her a familiar question:

ME: “Mom, you are wiser than I. What do you think is the meaning of life?”


MOM: “I don’t know. The MEANING of life?”

ME: “Yeah.”

MOM: “Breathing in and out.”

ME: “Breathing in and out?”

MOM: “Yeah, until you die.”

ME: “Okay. So, if breathing in and out is the meaning of life, what’s the meaning of death?”


MOM: “Not breathing in and out.”


Jeannette Harper: ZEN MASTER

PERSONAL NOTE: If she paralleled her death statement with her life statement it would read, “Not breathing in and out until you live.”

I got nothing on this chick folks. Really.