Phil and Cassandra Meet AGAIN…

He bumped into her. She turned and looked at him – her green eyes greening.

“Uh-oh” he said.

“Shit,” she said.

“You again.”

“I’m afraid so,” she quipped. “It seems that in the countless multi-verses out there, that the potential for us to appear just like this has occurred.”

“Wait, we may still get out of it.”


“If we have an inconsistency between us concerning what we both think this actually is. If there is one inconsistency in this ritual, then the story doesn’t go on in this universe unless we share each other’s mythology exactly.”

“And that means that this is just one of an infinitude of universes where we do NOT live out this mythos,” said Cassandra.


“Right. Kay. My name is Cassandra, you?”


“Check. Our names work. Show me your watch.”

Phil showed her an American World War Two Wrist watch: an A-11.

“That’s the watch,” she said.

“Show me the Tat,” said Phil.

She turned her back and said, “Pull down the neck of my sweater to  the middle of my shoulder blades.”

Phil pulled down her sweater looked at the tat on her spine above her heart. It was an X with a circle around it.

“Yup, that’s it, he said. “So are you STILL GAY in this manifestation?”



“I’m only yours in your dreams Phil. Always.”

“I swear the multi-verse hates me. One last thing,” said Phil holding up his palm vertically.

Cassandra held her vertical palm against his.

“We…” said Phil.

“Are…” said Cassy.

“The Protectors…” Said Phil.

“Of Each Other’s…,” said Cassy.

“Feelers!” they both said in Unison.

They hugged for a long time. Then they walked away together.

“Does that watch do anything special this time around?”

“No. It’s just a piece of junk I got at a hock shop.”

“Good,” said Cassy. “It complicates things when it has super powers.”

“So who is the feeler and who is the protector?” asked Phil.

“I’m the feeler this time. I’m the one to process an infinitude of lifetimes as you keep me safe.”

“Okay. You want to go high tech, low tech, no tech what?”

“Not so fast, shouldn’t you buy a girl a drink first?”