Talking to Alzheimers

Went to see mom today. Asked her a familiar question:

ME: “Mom, you are wiser than I. What do you think is the meaning of life?”


MOM: “I don’t know. The MEANING of life?”

ME: “Yeah.”

MOM: “Breathing in and out.”

ME: “Breathing in and out?”

MOM: “Yeah, until you die.”

ME: “Okay. So, if breathing in and out is the meaning of life, what’s the meaning of death?”


MOM: “Not breathing in and out.”


Jeannette Harper: ZEN MASTER

PERSONAL NOTE: If she paralleled her death statement with her life statement it would read, “Not breathing in and out until you live.”

I got nothing on this chick folks. Really.

8 thoughts on “Talking to Alzheimers

  1. Well that is a great answer… my Mom who left her body about six years back and she had the same condition.. from her if I would asked that question I know I would never gotten on answer period.

    Jeannette… ” “Not breathing in and out until you live.”

    I am not writing this to make you wrong in any ways… far from it.

    since you state that you are a Zen master and I am not, I haven’t studied therefore practiced anything like you have therefore I know we are definitely not having similar realities concerning what is life or death.. what is the meaning of those movements of the meat body.
    I have to admit I don’t get the meaning what you have written and I have reread it over and over.
    But I know I am not the brightest star in our galaxy… so I don’t have to live up to anyone’s acceptation, including my own… since I haven’t got any. If I don’t get something well… nothing really happens..
    But my reality: bodies which made of meat do the breathing till their heart beats.. the bodies are machines to which we as spirits -souls- ghostly things attach our self and from that moment on we ”consider” that we are that object- robot and because for that reason we are living breathing in and out…
    I as a spiritual entity and I am intangible IFINITE: therefore I don’t do any breathing: I am not the body..I am not living.. and therefore I never died or ever will die…. LOL… of live 🙂

  2. PS;;; I should have mentioned the reason I know I am not a body because I have had so far recalls– where remembered who I have been in many of my earlier lives.. the last one I lived in England and I even know the name went with that body.

      • Than we are definitely on the same page.. you and I have no reason to make each other wrong, fact I don’t want to make any one wrong but it seems I do because how I see things is just different.
        You ”And my Phil stories are just streams of my personal batshit.
        and what I am writing has equal value.
        I have stopped commenting in blogs but your… but if you don’t want me to continue here please say and I wont be insulted…

        I also know you are not Zen master because you have told me that.
        I understand what you experience with your Mom…. the hardest part for me was when she no longer recognized me.. after each visit I sobbed… than I stopped visiting. [my older sister looked after her and reported her condition.

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