Major Revelation About Happiness

Happiness has NOTHING to do with being right.

I know happy Christians. I know happy Atheists. I know happy Agnostics. I know happy materialists. I know happy spiritualists. I know people who are dead wrong about things verified by science who are fully alive and happy most of the time.


I guess a misconception I have always carried, is that if one knows the truth one would be happier.

Nope. That is wrong to me now. It Seems to me now that if one masters the SKILLS of happiness one will be happy assuming good health and other social factors.

Truth don’t mean squat when it comes to creating happiness. But being skilled at creating happiness most certainly DOES mean something.

Believe what you want, happiness don’t care.

Is Your Soul a Mathematical Certainty?

The basis of the post is from the Pickover Discussion group where Clifford Pickover postulates that we actually do exist forever inside the irrational number Pi.

Enjoy the ride. . .

The big idea lies in the fact that Pi is an irrational number. It doesn’t repeat and never ends. There is no “final” version of Pi that you can write down.

Since its length is infinite and the laws of probability are reliable, then this idea suggests that any FINITE numerical sequence must exist within its domain.

Let me illustrate.

First, we could write down the number “16.” You start at 3.14… and fairly quickly come to the number 16 in Pi.

“rah … so what … big deal …”

Now you could do your phone number. It may take several years of you scanning, but you would eventually find it. Next, you could take your phone number, social security number, drivers license number and put them end to end of each other, run a search with a super-duper computer and … ta da … there it is.

Okay so far? Good. Cuz now we get freaky.

Let’s say we sample your DNA and encode it into binary and put it on a DVD. Next copy the binary code of your DNA directly off of your DVD. This is now one large freaking number. We now seek for this number in Pi. And yes, eventually we find it. But this would take a a big bad-boy quantum computer which we don’t have yet.


But let’s presume we find it and the laws of probability actually work on numbers this large. If so, then you were there all the time Dorothy! Now click your ruby red slippers, cuz and here we go again…

Take your exact molecular structure. Digitize it into a binary code. Digitize Pi into binary. Now go search for your atomic structure in Pi.

You will eventually find it after a REALLY, REALLY, F#$%ing REALLY long time. But according to the laws of infinity and probability it IS there. And it has always been there.

WTF? You are coded in the numbers of Pi? Pretty spooky. But wait, it gets even spookier.

We reverse the binary code by turning the zeroes into ones and the ones into zeroes. Now you are coded in reverse. We run your molecular structure. for trillions of eons and … surprise … there it is.

Did you notice that we just changed up the numbers we use to code “you?” Just like there are an infinite number of ways a person could code  a video game to get the exact same game experience, there are infinite ways the experience of “you” can exist.

Theoretically, we could code you in an INFINITE number of ways. And they must all exist in Pi. Therefore, in just Pi alone you are infinite.

Now we bring in the dancing lobsters.

They dance.

We move on …

Now take this Universe and digitize it’s molecular structure into binary and print out the hugely enormous number. And then start at 3.14… and get comparing.

Yes, it would take a long time. Yes, it would be impossible for us to actually do this (actually impossible was several paragraphs up, but I digress).

Eventually, yes eventually given the laws of infinity and probability, you would find our universe coded in Pi.

WTF? Yes. It’s pretty amazing. But there is one more penny to drop. . .

We now know that the number of irrational numbers like Pi, Phi, and the square root of 2, are actually a lot bigger infinity than the numbers we use day to day.

A lot bigger (yes, some infinities are more infinite than others. I don’t know how that works, but I hear its true from math geeks with a lot of letters after their names.)

So there are infinite irrational numbers that don’t repeat, that never end and that have random generations of digits.

And guess what? Your infinite versions of coding would appear in most of them as well. In infinite forms of code. . . waiting . . . for a means of release to magically appear while you are reading a blog about Pi and you!


Check out the Pi song.