As you may know, I have an opinion about certainty …

1. I can be certain and wrong.

2. I can be certain and right.


So, since I want to feel “right” and be certain because it feels empowering, why should I deny myself smugness anytime I want it? It’s JUST a feeling. And it’s one I can create any “now” I want.

I just¬†realized (again) that I can choose a feeling of certainty as a light for life in any present moment of existence. Why “need to be right” to feel certain when I can just be smugly arrogant ALL THE NOWS?

Answer? I don’t. So, I’m not.

From Johnson’s “Dinosaur” Dictionary:

Certainty: Exemption from doubt. (Locke) Exemption from failure. That which is real. (Shakespeare); Regularity.

Now, if YOU like this idea, feel free to use it to make the present moment your little whipping boy Рeven when you are being done in!




Phil Fable – Sol

Another Self-Contained Fable of Phil and Cassandra:

Phil dropped to the floor exhausted. As he lay there he looked up at the white ceiling and wondered why the fuck he kept at it.

This world was about to die in a massive solar flare and he knew it. He also knew he couldn’t stop it.

So he sat up finally. Walked over to the window and faced the sun.

“Bring it Sol,” he stated.

Sol brought it.

Phil’s body vanished in the raging light of oblivion.