Major Revelation About Happiness

Happiness has NOTHING to do with being right.

I know happy Christians. I know happy Atheists. I know happy Agnostics. I know happy materialists. I know happy spiritualists. I know people who are dead wrong about things verified by science who are fully alive and happy most of the time.


I guess a misconception I have always carried, is that if one knows the truth one would be happier.

Nope. That is wrong to me now. It Seems to me now that if one masters the SKILLS of happiness one will be happy assuming good health and other social factors.

Truth don’t mean squat when it comes to creating happiness. But being skilled at creating happiness most certainly DOES mean something.

Believe what you want, happiness don’t care.

One thought on “Major Revelation About Happiness

  1. “Believe what you want, happiness don’t care..”” .. your best..right, happiness dont give a hoot.. at this moment the air is full of dancing smiles… there are no bodies of course just smiles… invisible ..I used to thought if I would have this or that… or be someplace other than here I would be happy..But I got all those things I wanted.. been there too… its odd to find something i never lost..

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