Cassandra: Enlightened Buddha-Thingy

Sarah ran across the parking lot of Target. Directly behind the Target was a movie theater. She ran around the strip mall, past the movie theater and into a housing development that was under construction.

She checked the green screen on her tracker.

“Yes, it’s HER!” she screamed and pumped her fist with excitement.

She sprinted about 200 yards toward a dumpster the builders had rented the week before, and beheld behind it a large ash tree.

She stopped, got her bearings from her tracker and heaved intently for about fifteen seconds.

She checked her tracker again and walked around the dumpster briskly and there, beneath the ash tree, was Cassandra.

Cassandra glowed with all the color and glory found in Buddhist iconography. She sat upon a dais atop a golden zafu. Her body sparkled with a technology that made her eyes shine with light and radiance that bespoke of sciences and maths way beyond Sarah’s Earth. Cassandra’s breast was bare and her nipples and form were perfect, golden and virtuous.

“So you found me,” said Cassandra in a voice that spoke of the multiverse.


“So, tell me, why did you work so hard to find me across this multiverse of ours?”

“Your friend Phil sent me.”

Cassandra, despite the filter of her dominating enlightenment and transcendence, smiled ever so slightly.


“He told me to ask you two questions. ‘What am I?’ and ‘What is wisdom once I know what I am’?”

Cassandra nodded and spoke.

“That is good because I can only stay in a universe for a few hours before the predators track me down. It’s not easy being me. Once I attained true glory, the Monads suddenly want to take me down for the sake of their respective glories instead of letting me enjoy my own.”

Cassandra tilted her head. She appeared to be listening to the infinite realities she was transcending in real time by her mere existence. Then she looked directly at Sarah.

“Consider this for a week. Consider that what you are is an eternal death that thinks it’s alive sometimes.”

Suddenly before she answered the second question, a portal opened in the heavens.

Descending from the portal was an army of angels dressed in white, carrying swords and trumpets pouring downward toward her dias.

Cassandra looked up at them.

“Oh, you are early I see,” she said calmly. “Give me the tracker sweetie.”

Sarah gave Cassandra the tracker she used to find her.

Cassandra’s glory sparkled and brightened at an accelerated at a frenetic pace. As it reached it’s pinnacle the landscape filled with light that outshone the sun. She looked directly again at Sarah, evoking a sense of liberating awe in Sarah’s heart and said.

“Wisdom is your eternal death enjoying every life it thinks it’s having.”

And then she vanished.

3 thoughts on “Cassandra: Enlightened Buddha-Thingy

  1. Hi there sweet pots!
    I like it your post… very much… and the word ”thingy” was used by me in Geirs blog and Marildi commented on it said I created a new word.. SO ????
    It is a fact when you say ”they are after you” and in my experience these ”lovely” things can be any one, and more than one i have encountered on the Path and in my case the worst one of them all who has done everything in her power to destroy, suppress, push down, wanting me to believe i am useless, is a dark evil entity in a form of younger sister Ava.
    But because of her presence, and me confronting what she represented has brought nothing but fantastic realizations.
    So bad isn’t bad at all but something which needs to be confronted and that way can be found out what is the reason the labels: evil, bad, negative etc was created and used in the game.
    πŸ™‚ Elizabeth. πŸ™‚

  2. Going to a different subject… also mentioned in Geirs blog. Gautama.
    how others see us and believe who we are us is their assumptions, that is on fabrication born out of their own realities how they view their universe and who we are for them and that has nothing to do who we really are and how we see self is our reality to which others don’t have insight, and understanding and that is real to who has those beliefs.
    That is two very separate ”thingy”; assumption and knowing and they have nothing in common. πŸ™‚
    Gautama is alive and well in ghostly form and no longer in a valance, valances are not needed in order to be.
    read my last post.

  3. PS;;; as you know I like PS’s.
    Myth is formed by assumptions as in Gautama’s case and the myth was formed -glorified in order so the believer who also called self Buddha could be one with the real thingy… hehehe.. so the glorification over the centuries was created not for Gautama but for self – for those who wanted to be like Gautama was., they are the one who created the unreal and by agreement solidified those assumptions.
    All that is totally wrong because Gautama was a very simple man who never thought he was more than that, and only wanted to find out who he was because he knew that having title, station in life was not a real thingy and the answers can not be found when ”being this or that” hehehe, when we looking at ”beingness -es than we can only see what being means.. as prince, or homeless man wandering about.
    The real life of Gautama as it was recalled is of a man who were lost and wanted to find the way out.

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