Cassandra Asks an Unusual Question …

It was a dark and story night. Suddenly, shots rang out …

Cassandra was at the gun range. She was checking out her pattern on the Zombie Target print she had purchased from the range’s store.

The Zombie was a goner.

“Not a bad shot for a newbie,” said her instructor Ben. Ben had a pony tail and a “Don’t Tread on Me” tat on his forearm. The zombie had a hole right in his forehead.

“Trust me, babe that was luck. Honestly, I’m not much of a gun person,” said Cassy. “I just realized I was a little afraid of them so I had to come shoot to face that.”

“Okay,” said Ben. “Well if this Zombie had a soul, it is gone now!”

“Hmm,” said Cassy. “I wonder if Zombies will have souls? Ever notice when they put you under for surgery that when you black out and wake up hours later it feels like NO TIME has passed? Will their future sense of self feel like our sense of self under anesthesia while they mindlessly eat brains?

“Good question,” said Ben.  I got knocked out in a fight years ago and instantly lost days.”

“I know right?” said Cassandra. “Now here is a question that just came to me. Obviously, if you and I were knocked out for centuries and we awoke in 2300 AD, to US it would be no time at all right? It would just be us closing our eyes and then opening them right up at 2300.”


“Sooooo … regarding that Timeless Nothing’ I experience over that time span, and the Timeless Nothing that you experience over that time, I wonder if it is that the SAME Timeless Nothing or it is a SEPARATE Timeless Nothing? And if it is the same, CAN it separate and be it’s own Timeless Nothing out of choice? Is the Timeless Nothing an either or’ thing or … a ‘both and’ thing?”

Ben looked at her trying to woo her with his gaze.

“Well, I think we are all one and it’s the same, you know, the circle of life,” he said with a low sexy tone.

“I choose to be separate,” she said cutting off his intention. “That sense of the Timeless Nothing we experience during anesthesia is IMPORTANT for me to own fully myself … and not be owned depending on the universe…”

The thunder clapped approvingly.

4 thoughts on “Cassandra Asks an Unusual Question …

    • I would say, “There is no such thing as absolute nothing that a something can see or define.”

      An absolute nothing is in the impossible realm and a possible something is in the possible realm.

      EXAMPLE SOUL A: Created in a possible realm by the realm.
      EXAMPLE SOUL B: Created in an impossible realm by ITSELF.

      Both Selves, viewing themselves from within their respective systems, APPEAR deterministic.

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