My Final Take on Truth …

I have come to believe that the Truth with a capital “T” cannot understand itself with certainty in a complete and consistent system that could call itself “enlightenment.”

However, the Truth CAN experience itself via intuition and intuition doesn’t use logical thought. Thus an alligator with a stomach full of raw duck can intuit the Truth just as much as me.

Maybe better. They have outlived a LOT of dinosaurs yo.

“You can never notice your own enlightenment.” – Gudo Nishijima

8 thoughts on “My Final Take on Truth …

  1. “Life is just the fact in this moment; death is just the fact in this moment.” and so is whatever we believe the truth is: fact in the moment.

    • since none of those things exists on this planet, cant be experienced therefore same as any other beliefs those are just illusions.

    • PS: it has been proven that there is no solidity so things around us what the ”eye” see are nothing but illusions of the mind, but if you refer to universal frequencies just plain old moving masses of energy well, you might have a point but even these energy masses shift continually so consistency is out, than that leaves you with 2, but harmony??? in the universe??? where violence -collisions are there at all times well… that can be 🙂 consistency but not harmony.
      So that lives the continuity of ever revolving -reshaping of masses of energy…
      Oh.. just remembered we don’t talk, you and are at the opposing ends of the universe and that is the truth!

    • Time… having time is only a considerations and that is the greatest illusion of all illusions, since ”time” is totally intangible, can not be seen or to be touched and the only real thing is real the ”time machines-clock-watches” with are synchronized to some extant and these machines have the movements but I don’t need to explain to you how clocks—these machinery work… but not one out of the billions measured ”time”.
      The ”hand” on the face where the numbers are move with speed and to this speed they measure compare how other objects move, with what speed and they conclude that car from to here to Vancouver takes 40 minutes to arrive… There is no such thing as ”time” but only movements of objects and these movements their speed are compared to the so called time machine=clocks movements.
      And space, the eyes might perceive emptiness-space between objects but what the ”eyes” cant see is filled with moving masses of energy. Eyes only take flat photographs and the rest, the debts is added by the Persons.
      That dept. what any one ”sees” contains all the considerations the person has about that picture and those beliefs are nothing more than illusions.
      What one ”sees” being aware of when not using the eyes is tinny moving light particles and nothing more and these tinny particles is what this universe contain. But to be able to see these particles the person has to let go all illusions which is that we are, that life exists, that we are living.
      But what real to you is your truth regardless what that maybe and to me this is real because I experience this reality.
      My reality is not wrong neither is yours, they are just different because we believe- consider differently.
      Example: if we would share on apple we both would have totally different experience, we both might say the apple is sweet but I would never really know how that sweetness was experienced by you and same goes for you about my experience. We just take for granted, ”assume” we had the same experience!
      So dear V…. be happy with what ever you believe in because that is what your universe contain and I am the last person who want to take any of your beliefs away. 🙂 🙂 🙂 so till next ”time” we communicate ! 🙂

    • Williams post is about ”truth” and what we believe in is the truth for each of us…. I gotten carried away in my communication… long winded as usual… 🙂

    • just had a realization…. when having thoughts-beliefs–considerations with that knowledge we can amuse self by creating endless possibilities: what is what and what is not in existence, but when the Entity empties -steps outside of this reality than experiences the infinite and that is consistency.
      Thank you both, without your communication this realization would not come to me.

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