Note to Self …


I exist because of the deaths of trillions and trillions of beings and hundreds of thousands of species that all came before me. These beings struggled and survived extreme dangers, and each one of them faced and experienced death.

Some were eaten, some died of old age, some from disease others just from bad luck …

I have a HUGE legacy of courage before me. They faced it all.

So can I. So will I.

Humanity all has the same mom. Eve actually existed according to mitochondria DNA, so I must remember when I meet people of different colors, shapes and mindsets that …

Those are KIN. Literal brothers and sisters. We are one people. With ONE mom.

How lucky am I to be here?

My father’s half of my DNA beat out 75 million sperm out of thousands of batches roughly the same size, and on my mum’s side, her half of me ACTUALLY got in front of a queue of around 300,000 eggs.


Just to get ME here?

I choose to remind myself that I can see over a billion colors.

So, I choose to SEE more than just what I’m glossing over. With over a billion colors, why should I miss a one?

When I feel sorry for myself, or full of self anger or hatred. I think of these great courageous beings before me and realize that behind me there wasn’t a SINGLE sissy among them all.

Every being that faces death has to face death’s truth beyond the erasure of ego. And nobody is a sissy after that.

So why start now?

I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon. But living? I choose that right now with the people I naturally love and those I choose to.

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