As you may know, I have an opinion about certainty …

1. I can be certain and wrong.

2. I can be certain and right.


So, since I want to feel “right” and be certain because it feels empowering, why should I deny myself smugness anytime I want it? It’s JUST a feeling. And it’s one I can create any “now” I want.

I just realized (again) that I can choose a feeling of certainty as a light for life in any present moment of existence. Why “need to be right” to feel certain when I can just be smugly arrogant ALL THE NOWS?

Answer? I don’t. So, I’m not.

From Johnson’s “Dinosaur” Dictionary:

Certainty: Exemption from doubt. (Locke) Exemption from failure. That which is real. (Shakespeare); Regularity.

Now, if YOU like this idea, feel free to use it to make the present moment your little whipping boy – even when you are being done in!




21 thoughts on “Certainty

  1. I been on the path of self discovery since 1973 summer looking for answers LOL… and I have found one certainty about this universe that there is no certainty and that is certain! but this is my reality and I am very certain of this…. even this belief is not concrete LOL not written on stone because all beliefs are illusions.

  2. One certainty we can have is that there is order precipitating from chaos, which is slowly buidling up as this universe. There is certain irreversibility about it. We may call it evolution.

    • No kidding…. we know time is on illusion: time don’t exist…and there isn’t any solidity so what is evolution based on?
      Agreements on anything, example: ”having time, we have yesterdays and tomorrows and with that we have continuum are just beliefs-considerations and how each person sees them and any other of their belief is their own illusion how the universe is.
      Ask a person who is not ”’looking”’ with eyes, who don’t have the so called ”eyesight” how they ”see” this evolution!
      Or have your own experience walk around live for 24 hours while the ”eye” are totally covered up and I bet your reality will change what is real or not.
      and you are right I don’t know a thing! LOL…

      • and to you that is a fact, because for the past 6 years all you have seen is the face of the computer and printed letters=containing concepts and a logo of the Crab Nebula + a name and to that you have attached your beliefs: your agreements and disagreements of what you have read plus your feelings: likes-dislikes, all which were awoke by what you read and you have mocked up on illusion a person what I am but those are your illusions and not me.
        By the way I am delighted that you have on ability to perceive illusions! Happy New Year to you!

      • I hope you got my drift. You and your OT levels are just as illusory as the illusion of Time. If you are happy about this than we are in sync.

      • I totally happy with my illusions which is what I know, what I believe in but I hope you feel same way about your beliefs which if you admit that they are illusions and you are teaching those same illusions to others… to any one who is willing to listen to you.
        If that is the case, we are on the same page, but if you see your reality as something incredible valuable- important better than beliefs of other persons, therefore they seem real real solid for you=important , than brother we are in different universe and will remain separated till you will realize that all realities- beliefs regardless who has them are just illusions.
        let me know! looking forward to here the truth! what that means: what you believe in.
        By the way mate… the OT Levels , don’t knock am till you tried them on!
        When you do that is showing ignorance heavily seasoned with stupidity!

      • I do not concern myself with what is right and what is wrong. I simply look at anomalies and try to resolve them. One such anomaly is the following:

        The first axiom of Dianetics is, “SURVIVE!”

        Hubbard presents this axiom as the dynamic principle of existence in the “knowable” universe. This is inconsistent with the fact that the knowable universe is actually evolving and not just surviving.

        We observe that order is precipitating from chaos. In fact, this is how the universe has come about. Evolution is the sequence in which order has precipitated from chaos to form this universe.

        The major stages of evolution are:

        (1) From electromagnetic energy to matter (domain of PHYSICS);
        (2) From matter to animation (domain of CHEMISTRY);
        (3) From animation to life (domain of BIOLOGY & PROGRAMMING); and
        (4) From life to thought (domain of MINDFULNESS).

        There is an irreversible advance that keeps the evolution moving forward. Everything in this universe is changing. Nothing remains the same forever. Survive, on the other hand, tries to keep some aspect of a form unchanged as long as possible.

        Thus, evolution is real. Survival is illusory. Evolution describes this universe better because nothing survives forever. Thus we have an anomaly. Therefore, we may update the first axiom as follows,

        UPDATED AXIOM 1: The order precipitating from chaos is making this universe evolve!


  3. Thanks for the comments …

    … AND …

    Certainty is a feeling.

    SUGGESTION: Try to create a feeling of certainty. THEN divorce it from any relative fact or fable and just be as arrogant as you want!

    • I agree to that.
      long as we are in this universe which is nothing more than energy, we do experience this masses in one quantity or other, therefore have the experience = feeling and the feeling-experience totally depends on the vibration of that mass; how strong -heavy =angry wasp, or the vibration of the dewdrop at the end of the grass blade.

  4. creating a feeling of certainty to me means believing in something than give that consideration up.. no longer exist… no longer experienced. I have it , I don’t have it.. it is still a belief.
    and what beliefs are? 🙂

    • Can you feel happy without a reason to be happy?
      Can one feel sad without a reason to be sad?
      Can one choose to feel happy and feel happy?
      Can one choose to feel sad and be sad?

      ((DRUM ROLL))

      Can one choose to feel certain and feel certain for no reason?

      • one can only feel certain when there is a reason to be, otherwise how the person would know that feeling s/h has is because being certain about something?
        If the person do not place labels on sensations –feelings than that person will not know what happiness or sadness means.

      • GEEE V…. don’t tell me we agreed again… this is getting to be to much , we really have to be very careful not to let this happen to often.
        I am glad you do like the video, they are fantastic.
        there are videos on you tube where monks are competing.

      • HI THERE OLD PUSSY CAT.. here is my reply but first before you read it take a sedative!

        “”””UPDATED AXIOM 1: The order precipitating from chaos is making this universe evolve!”””
        Totally OK by me… sorry I don’t understand some of the things you are mentioning.. I don’t have reality on that I haven’t studied engineering but pastry baking in Hungary. I graduated in fine baking as in 56.
        What I understand is, how is: ‘’’”’survival is through evolution”””…. But to evolve has to be matter and only matter can evolve !!!! on Entity is not matter but intangible-infinite and I believed that I do not need to survive-evolve because : I am.
        I had to look up the word ‘’anomalies’’ and instantly I have seen you are contradicting yourself.
        If you would not be looking for right or wrong what others believe in than you could not find ‘’irregularities- inconsistencies etc etc’’’ we can only find these irregularities through evaluation, judgment and to that we arrive by comparison- assessment to what we believe is right or wrong.

        So dear old pussy cat don’t give me bull- lies but facts.

        You simply want to convince me that LRH was wrong… OT levels are nothing but puff of smoke useless illusions, therefore because of these things to you are wrong bad and has no value you have the strong need-urge to convince me of the same, that my belief are wrong and because I have done the OT levels and rest of the thing therefore I am totally fucked up and I need to be corrected-convinced of different beliefs: mostly yours.

        I personally could not care less and haven’t cared much for the past 34-36 years what LRH had said, what he believed in because by now I realized that was his reality, that is the way he has seen the universe.. for that reason I do not make him wrong but I accept it as it is: that was his life- the path he walked: his Karma.

        I have not agreed with his believes at many occasions simply because I have very different realities about the universe how is what I have created for myself, but I will not try to convince anyone that I am right in order to make others wrong therefore ensuring my realities-beliefs are the only once which will be remain standing, inscribe in stone as truth-nothing but the truth!.
        I don’t need to erase- wipe out other persons beliefs in order to establish ‘’’yes, this is the only way’’’, has to be because if it is not I can’t survive!
        That is bullshit, big truck load.
        I don’t feel frightened by poles apart – contradictory beliefs in fact that is the spice I enjoy so much to see how many facets there are on the same subject.
        V… I am fine how you see LRH being wrong… but sooner or later you need to allow people to have their own beliefs-illusions.
        Be happy and contented with your own findings-discoveries… to you that brings joy, happiness and to have that you do not need to convince anyone that they too should see the universe as you… and in the first place that can’t be.

        I always believed that you are knowledgeable incredibly able person… but if you insist making me wrong, putting me down I will shred you and the remains will be given for consumption to your choice but my suggestion is to rats!
        Have a lovely evening!

        PS; when we are blogging we are expressing our own beliefs but I would like to add that I am doing that for fun, for the sake of communication for interacting, but not for putting any one down since I don’t believe that illusions-thoughts have value and definitely mine are not different because they are mine. 🙂

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