Phil Fable – Sol

Another Self-Contained Fable of Phil and Cassandra:

Phil dropped to the floor exhausted. As he lay there he looked up at the white ceiling and wondered why the fuck he kept at it.

This world was about to die in a massive solar flare and he knew it. He also knew he couldn’t stop it.

So he sat up finally. Walked over to the window and faced the sun.

“Bring it Sol,” he stated.

Sol brought it.

Phil’s body vanished in the raging light of oblivion.


7 thoughts on “Phil Fable – Sol

  1. Absolutely fantastic… I laughed and laughed till tears flown.. what a great ending for that adventure!!
    but now William, I am looking forward to read his next adventure in different body where perhaps realizes that he cant really die even if the whole bloody universe is burned away. 🙂

    • What kind of bodies= forms of matter he gets attached to? What is he attracted, His favorites are?
      From my own experiences I have discovered being connected to different matter and because of matter has different meanings, I too have played different roles accordingly what I have believed that matter meant to me.
      But regardless what the role was in the end its value was a big fat 0 !

      • In this mythology, Phil and Cassy are like sides of a die. If you roll the universes dice enough, they keep coming up.

        Like how eventually, YOU would appear if the universe keeps throwing atoms together in different ways.

        They decide to embrace all versions of themselves that appear in this manner. And in so doing, create a transcendence from their own practices.

        To them there is no “time track” as they consider all their lives happening “at once” since time is an illusion.

        So a life that adds to zero and another that adds to great meaning are the same to them.

        The main lesson? Don’t be a sissy in the multiverse!

      • Got it… right, time is a total illusion and it cant be tracked either.
        Since I haven’t ”experienced” multitude, myriad of experiences at the same moment I don’t
        have reality what that would be like.
        I am aware of many things at each moment but only what my attention is on in that moment stands out from the multitude of experiences.
        My awareness in any moment is threefold : in the body, than view, observe experience the body from some distance and 3rd is observing -being aware of the universe as it is in that moment.
        I admit I am in learning mode and open to all experiences but I am in tune with your friends, experience is just that, just ”is” and has no value . 🙂

      • In other mythologies, a soul has one body THEN another and THEN another.

        There is a TIME to their lives.

        For these two, time is USED as the illusion it is to transcend it.

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