Cassandra’s Own Kind of Crazy

Another Self-Contained Fable of Phil and Cassandra:

So, you know something about infinity mathematics right?

Yeah. A little. And I MEAN a little.

So what is the smallest level of infinity?

Aleph 0. The integers.

Good. What’s the highest degree of infinity?

It’s unknown.

Well you already know there are higher levels of infinity. For example, the infinity of the irrational numbers DWARFS the infinity we call Aleph 0 right?

Yeah, that’s confusing as hell, but yeah I hear that’s true and that irrationals dwarf the integers in size …?

Well, for a master or Omega infinity to exist, I say it must be paradoxical in order to have all other infinities be a subset of IT.

I’ll just say ‘sure’ crazy lady …

… Sure …


Ah, the largest star ever existing goes supernova. This is a great gift for my birthday Phil. Getting me across time and space to behold the greatest supernova ever  it is quite a gift. Thank you.

Anyway, the largest infinity is that of soul potentials my friend. And every point of that infinity is the center of all it’s other potentials. God is a collective not a person.

Sure. Nice tautology Cassy.

Do me a favor. Face the infinite number of soul potentials in my coffee cup.


HOLY FUCK! Yikes! What was that?

Just a tautology baby.


5 thoughts on “Cassandra’s Own Kind of Crazy

  1. Hi…. first of all there is no such a thing-state as madness … that state which is labeled as madness is simply different reality to which the majority dont see-understand , because those beliefs which is outside of their own they don’t have therefore by collective agreement they declare different realities-beliefs as madness-totally wrong, not corrected , not acceptable LOL.. by their way of thinking of course because they fear different realities and feel safe with their own beliefs. Simply , ””We are right because we all agree that your way of thinking is wrong… madness, therefore you will get that lobotomy which will cure you once and for all! ”’
    The outcome of collective agreement is truly dangerous. [Hitler Buddhism Catholics etc..etc,,]

    ”God is a collective not a person.”’–here we would be counting heads.=bodies.
    well, in my reality souls are not countable… only matter cant be counted.. soul don’t born… bodies born.. are created, Potential of souls???? I wonder if this means how many bodies will be made and than counted as ”souls” ???.
    how a soul could be created when it is not touchable.. cant be seen, cant be felt.. it is not matter.

    Infinity…eternity, endlessness, now here I have a problem with the concept of INFINITY not as I understand it but how its presented above: ”’What’s the highest degree of infinity?”’ or the lowest ?

    infinite is infinite it cant be less or more… if it could be less or more than we would be talking of matter .. counting matter-masses of something. infinite is just that.. cant be seen.. cant be felt because again only matter – sustenance can be experienced because they have vibrations.. made of energy and infinite has none.
    My reality. 🙂

  2. What really matters is objectivity.

    The objective view is a universal view that is consistent within the whole universe. On the other hand, a subjective view is a narrow view that is consistent only within its local context. The objective view is unique, since it is consistent within the whole universe. On the other hand, there are numerous subjective views for the same phenomenon depending on their narrow contexts.

    In modern terminology and understanding we can say that this universe is essentially the precipitation of order out of chaos. We may call the underlying reason as the “principle of settling down” or the “Law of Equilibrium”. The ancients called this creation the “function of God” using the vocabulary they had. Let us call it the God principle. This is an objective view.

    This gives us a better understanding of what “monotheism” is all about. It is the recognition of a single principle responsible for the creation of this universe. This is the God principle (the precipitation of order out of chaos). Being universal, this principle is broad and general in its statement.

    However, the suffix “theism” in monotheism refers to the conception of God as a deity, or as a powerful, human-like, supernatural being. This conception amounts to looking at an abstract God principle through a human-centric filter. It is assigning a human role to an abstract principle. Thus, this idea of “theism” is subjective.

    Polytheism assigns a deity to each fundamental aspect of the universe. These aspects are the categorization of the universal order evolved from chaos. Thus, we may assign a deity to the phenomenon of thunder, and another deity to the phenomenon of wealth. Although it is made to look that polytheism contradicts monotheism, it is not really so. The two views dovetail. Out of a fundamental principle, come out many other principles or manifestations.

    Pantheism considers God principle (the precipitation of order out of chaos) as the property of the whole universe. It is closer to the original abstraction because in this conception the idea of deity is diffused. Pantheism sees the God principle as an integral part of the universe. In fact, the universe is made up of the order that has precipitated out of chaos.

    Atheism simply rejects the idea of deities, but not necessarily the God principle. It acknowledges the fact of abstraction.

    The concept of God is described by most theologians as having the attributes of omniscience (infinite knowledge), omnipotence (unlimited power), omnipresence (present everywhere), divine simplicity, and as having an eternal and necessary existence. These are just the concrete human perspectives applied to the abstract God principle.

    God is conceived of as the principal object of faith. In this case, faith is confidence or trust in the God principle of “order out of chaos” applied to life. No matter how chaotic life has become, it can always be put in order. This is a very fundamental faith that gives hope to Man.

    • PS: I love PS’s!
      let me remind you and not very gently that those who believe in god and defend that god=its concepts DO THE MOST OF THE KILLING-WARS, HATE-CRIMES IN HIS NAME on this planet.
      So to me this thing could be described as evil warlord who thirst for violence -hate-blood=human sacrifices: AND ALL THIS are NOT ON ASSUMPTIONs BUT PROVEN FACTS!!
      take on gigestiv pill and reassess-evaluate the concept of god when you have done that than you can give me your real -reality on god.
      But of course I will not be holding my breath till that happens LOL…

  3. V: ‘’’The objective view is a universal view that is consistent within the whole universe.’’’

    Now, the above sentence I find greatly fascinating simply because if this Universe is Infinite, and has infinite systems containing infinite number of planets and these planets have infinite occupants who live their lives—in infinite manner: this means have infinite diversity in their very own beliefs to which no human has the ‘’in the know’’ understanding what that could mean: than how could one human or even a group of humans ‘’assume’’ what could be on universal view on any subject!

    And it is again on ASSUMPTION on your part that the concept of God what the human race goes by here on this small, itsy -bitsy planet exists outside in the Infinite: since even here on these planet continual wars-killings has been going on because each group is defending their own beliefs what God means to them!
    You seem to ignore the daily NEWs and understand that God has not created ‘’order’’ harmony’’ on this planet and never will because that concept ‘’god’’ haven’t the power to do so therefore there is no such a thing as ‘’ powerful god’’.
    Believing in the ‘’god concept’’ as we all noticed so far haven’t made it happen on this planet , worked and have become reality, this means that concept is just on unworkable belief –totally powerless and nothing more.

    When expressing views on universal matters-beliefs that alone is on assumption based on what the ‘’self’’ believes in and let me point out to you as man we are living side by side and so far we haven’t find the connection to know –understand what our closest neighbor-partner thinks in any given moment, never mind what others in the Infinite think and believe in.
    Have a good day!

  4. PS: we have better chance winning the jackpot on the lotto at any time than waiting for god creating harmony on this planet and that has been proven not just assumed!
    buy a ticket 🙂 give support to future winners; you could be one of them! LOL.

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