More of Phil’s Madness

Another Self-Contained Fable of Phil and Cassandra:

“So, you think that the secret to free will is madness?”

“Yup,” answered Phil.

The waiter set down the plate in front of Phil.

“What about logic?” asked the waiter.

“When you allow the division of zero, logic is merely a subset of crazy which does not allow the division of zero. Only those already  capable of being logical can get anything out of logic.”

Phil paused for effect and continued.

“The question is HOW does an insane man or child or a dying dementia patient attain a fullness of free will, if not, but for anything else save madness?”

“That’s insane,” said the waiter.

“Yup. Answered Phil. “You see, free will is not only a logically impossible choice to believe in, but it is ALSO a logically impossible choice to be able to create one’s own self-creating crazy.”


Phil took a beat and continued.

“You see … the freedom a being has is not in what kind of logic it want’s to follow, but what kind of BATSHIT one wants to manifest. Our freedom is the right to choose our own crazy in real time.”

“So what kind of crazy are you right now?” asked the waiter.

“Right now, I choose to believe that every point in a plane is its center. Every point in space is the center. Every self is a nothing. Not just NOTHING but “A” nothing. So, I am the center and so are you, and we can choose to create a cornucopia of realities to enjoy. And for me, the point is to LOVE THEM ALL IN REAL TIME. Especially, those that rend us helpless and broken beyond repair — those that make enlightenment unattainable in a specific lifetime. For those lives? Those are the TRUTH. Those are the bonus lives. Those are the lives that make freedom possible and to be most cherished. Only the greatest of madnesses can conquer them.”

The waiter face showed sign of deep concern for Phil’s sanity. And then he realized, Phil wasn’t sane by his own admission and went back to work.

Phil ate his meal. He paused and just felt the insanity that was the foundation of his sane selves across the multiverses. He felt it rage. He felt it calm.

Then he tapped a message into his A-11 and promptly teleported across the multiverse.

3 thoughts on “More of Phil’s Madness


    By definition, the universal context includes everything. There is nothing beside the universal context.

    The universal context shall include multiverses, parallel universes, the physical universe and even the gods or God.

    Thus, the universal context includes all attributes, physical and metaphysical.

  2. There is free will in this physical universe to the degree one is aware of the laws and principles that are keeping the physical structure there, and one can move within that structure. Ignorance of those laws and principles would limit that free will.

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