Phil’s Origin Story – Part 2

Another Self-Contained Fable of Phil and Cassandra:

After Phil jumped through the portal with Ald, he landed on a sandy beach with two suns blazing in the sky. He looked to his left and saw Ald dusting off himself.

Phil then peered through the shimmering portal and beheld an army of snarling green beings in hot pursuit of the technology he held on his wrist – all of them bearing a gaze right through the portal’s center at full speed. They were about five hundred feet from the opening.

Ald held up a controller he pulled from a pocket, pushed a button and the portal snapped shut trapping the snarling mess of trans-dimensional aliens wearing tacky jumpers on the other side.

“Aren’t you supposed to wait till the last possible minute like in the movies?” asked Phil.

“This isn’t the movies,” said Ald.

Phil looked around centering himself to face the fact that not only was this not a movie, it wasn’t a dream either. He gasped as he saw giant planet slowly fill the sky from the east and the suns were no longer the biggest things in the sky.

“Holy shit! We’re orbiting a Gas giant!” he said.

“Yeah,” said Ald dismissively. “Gum?”

“Why do you chew gum?” asked Phil.

“I don’t. You do.”


Phil took the gum.

“It’s time to finish your spiritual education for this version of you. Much of it, of course, will be batshit,” said Ald.

Phil looked nervous as Ald continued.

“The one core spiritual truth is that we are ALL fucked.”


“You heard me. Fucked. Hosed. Done over. Sold up river.”

“Surely, there is more than that?”

“Nope. That’s it. The key is to realized that we are all fucked and know that there is no way out of the fucking. We are all FOREVER FUCKED. The key is to not be a sissy about it.”

“How are we fucked?” asked Phil.

“You already said it on the other side of the portal. We cannot tell if we exist or not as a being. There is no proof at all. There are spiritual experiences a plenty; stories by the truckload. Testimonies bundled and piled on pallets, but no proof. Just the hubris one can create by believing one actually exists.”

“So, that’s it? We’re fucked? That’s the truth of the universe?”

“Yeah, but there are another four and I assure you they won’t hold up to scrutiny.”

“Wait a sec,” said Phil getting a bit excited. “Am I my own protagonist in a sic-fi adventure? Am I the ‘chosen one’ to save the universe from total destruction?,” asked Phil with a nerd’s enthusiasm.

“Nah. Just that you are just dumb-ass lucky enough to not use that wrist watch for your own interests. The continuum of free beings trusts you with it because you are a sucker and you are strongly not stupid. You don’t actually SAVE the universe. You CONTRIBUTE to the creation of the continuum of cool beings who have hacked the system. That’s it.”

“Doesn’t sound like much help actually,” said Phil.

“Everything adds up Phil. The butterfly effect is real. And some butterflies are more important than others. You want to know where I learned these?”

“K. Where?” said Phil.



“Yes. See the problem is that reincarnation is more diverse and weird than one thinks it is. You can reincarnate in different universes, different timelines, reincarnated false selves, reincarnated true selves, different real worlds, different dreams, different simulations etcetera. And in ONE of those, you told me these four ideas. So guess what I do? I decided to fucking track you down and TELL YOU WHAT YOU TOLD ME.”

“Shouldn’t I figure it out for myself?”

“You’re not that creative this time around. Actually, you are boring as fuck in this life and that red head you dream of doesn’t appear here.”

“Damn,” said Phil.

The truth hurt and Phil knew it. Ald slapped Phil’s shoulder to cheer him up.

“What you told me is that the whole free-will notion of reality is fucked until one understands FIRST how to CREATE a free will. And THAT is actually free will itself. Everything after that is “Force Will.”

“Force will? Like Star Wars?”

“No stupid, because ‘the Force’ is not with a ‘the’ but rather a ‘your.’ There is no ‘The Force’ but there CAN BE a ‘Your Force’ and a ‘My Force’ and the unlistable transfinite  forces of others. But is is a creating thing. So, free will is the false self creating the decision that manifests the true ego that can THEN create Force Will as it directs. So ‘free will’ is the ability to exist. ‘Force Will’ is the ability of that created free-will self to act.”

“You are fucking me with terminology.”

“No worries. I’ll convey a written version of this conversation so you will remember it. Now,  listen up to these four batshit ideas of yours.”

Ald leveled his eyes at his friend and remembered the thousands of times he met him before. And then, he got mockingly pious and quoted Phil.

“ONE! The first thing to realize is that the self and soul is actually a delusion. It doesn’t exist and the idea of ego is actually created by external forces to one’s self.”

Phil looked sad.

“TWO! The delusional self can realize that it is in fact a delusion and face that fact with courage knowing that manifesting a version of a real self that is scientifically provable is, in fact, FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE.”

Ald paused for effect holding his finger in the air like a prophet with a smug expression of his species. To Phil, it didn’t look smug, it looked angry and Phil wondered why Ald was so pissed off at him.

“THREE! AS A FALSE SELF THAT REALIZES IT IS FALSE, that self can imagine OTHER false selves of oneself that realize that they are also false, and be aware of each other through the power of the imagination granted through the universes that forged them.”

This time Ald looked determined, and Phil actually saw that he was looking determined and not some other emotion.

“FOUR! When these false versions see each other, they can join as one and CHOOSE TO EXIST ANYWAY IN A TRANS-VERSE OF AWESOMENESS. Free Will doesn’t exist because a false self cannot actually attain it. But other false selves CAN join and decide to support each other as one true self manifesting force-will. Force-will DOES exist as the false selves create their own egos by facing the fact they are false, and then making the decision to BE. FREE. ANYWAY. Force Will is the result of a decision to not be a false self ANYWAY. And then life itself becomes an act of faith.”

Phil didn’t move.

“FIVE! … “said Ald.

“You said four …”

“This is the fifth of the four ideas …”

Ald looked smug again. Phil read the emotion wrong again.

“FIVE! Each version of you and any other member of the continuum of free beings MUST find his own unique path to liberation. There is no ‘dharma’ or ‘religion’ or ‘technology’ that can save you or anyone else. As a free, independent, unique being, your liberation must also be free, independent and unique to YOU … AND … ”

Ald held his hand in a gesture Phil didn’t recognize. He had an expression Phil didn’t understand and he spoke in a tone that sounded like Phil should know it, but in fact he didn’t.

“There’s a catch …”, said Ald.

“Which is?” asked Phil.

“You need others to find it, manifest it and release it in yourself and you must help others do the same. Beings that won’t catch you in THEIR liberation path, but will help you create your own. Some will be part of the continuum, others won’t, and these others will choose alternate realities from yours. But you CAN choose to be part of the continuum of free beings that each are their own Gods and each each other’s equal. Each self-sufficient. Each co-created. Each master of their own universes, each helping the others master their own universes.”

“Sounds like new age bullshit to me.”

“Oh, it IS new age bullshit Phil, trust me on that. Nobody here has superpowers except in their dreams,” said Ald. “The Question is … is it YOUR new age batshit? And what are YOUR superpower dreams and ARE YOU ENJOYING THEM?”

Phil didn’t answer.

“Time to wrap up,” said Ald. “This planet has a version of baseball a little different than yours. Learn the changes and go coach some kids. Don’t use the wristwatch unless it is REALLY necessary. It will attract predators who want it’s power.”

“Yeah, you told me that already,” said Phil.

“You can use it for little favors without making a lot of noise to attract snarlies. You could order tacos if you wanted.”

“That’s it? Tacos?”

“Pretty much,” said Ald.

“I can get a job and buy tacos.”

“Yes you can Phil. Yes you can,” said Ald.

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