Phil Reads His Book …

The roast was going well.

Everyone was dressed well and having a good time roasting Phil, the humble and devoted civic leader.

Person after person got up and talked about the good things Phil did for his community. He raised money. He helped kids. He improved infrastructure. He ran a business. He had a great red-headed wife with curly hair who boasted a cool Tat of the symbol “Teth” between her shoulder blades, and in THIS universe she was straight and actually loved Phil a lot and they both had a lot of great sex. Way more than the average for married couples.

It was Phil as he always dreamed he would be: a good man with a good family including the hot red head and smart kids. Kids that played musical instruments. Kids that were all ready to be Doctors, Entrepreneurs and Movie Stars.

The last speaker got up and smiled. He handed Phil a gift to be opened later – alone. The events of the evening concluded and Phil and Cassie went home to their perfect children, perfect lives and perfect sex.

He woke up later that night and opened the gift.

After unwrapping it, he found it was a book with a post-it note on it telling him to read the last chapter.

Phil, was taken aback. In it was the speech he gave just an hour before.

He was puzzled. He just made it up on the fly. He wrote NOTHING down. But there was no doubt, the scene was a script of his life to this very moment.

He flipped to the part where he was was at the moment in the book. He said “What the fuck?” and turned the page.

The page started with Phil’s question:

“What the fuck?” Said Phil. 

And then he read the last paragraph.

The aneurysm popped and Phil dropped the book and slumped onto the table. It was the end. He realized he didn’t exist at all and he was all just a fiction – until someone else helped create him … only then could he create himself … only then … with the love of others could he truly exist … 



13 thoughts on “Phil Reads His Book …

  1. I cant see that at all,
    EXAMPLE: If I would believe i am that person how others see me- think of me: good, bad, loving smart, idiot etc etc.. I definitely would be a very confused person.
    All what others believe, how they see me is their reality of me, how they perceive, what is good, bad, loving, smart etc.. means to them but that do not means I see -understand self the same way… I don’t exist because others say I do.. and if I never ever would known one person on this planet I STILL WOULD BE ME!
    So Phil is in confusion … Phil don’t have reality of his own? He haven’t realized that he is still good , mind you if alone he would not be having great sex with that wife of his LOL. or be a great father, but he still would be self and that is existence the rest what others think of him well, that is what Phil is to them.

    • Phil and Cassy aren’t always right in every universe.

      When one is manifesting across an infinite multiverse, one does tend to get some dumb ideas.

      When they are wrong is when I find them the most charming.

      • William… they are charming.. and nothing wrong with them..
        My comments don’t matter, haven’t got any value, and now why should I be right, where that is written what I believe in is right?
        you know bit about auditing and why a person goes into session.
        because they feel, they know that they haven’t got the right answer they are looking for the replacement, which comes as cognition.
        I been going into sessions since 73! LOL…people don’t go into sessions who believe they already have the answers… I don’t have them yet..
        by now all I know that there is no right or wrong but IS.
        Than why you could ask, I write what I write?
        Because otherwise I get cobwebs on my computer keys:)

      • different understanding on dementia.

        I spend lot of time with my older sister who has severe Dementia and I been confronting this very interesting intriguing phenomenon and so far have had many major realizations.. but tonight’s session brought- ended with fantastic cognition which has tied all previous understanding into a nice neat package. I believe I reached the BASIC on this topic. F/T!

        The main reason aged-old people forgets things- no longer remember things BECAUSE WE POSE TO EMPTY OUR MIND before we depart – move off—set out for a new adventure!!!

        Just think… even meditation teaches the same…. ‘’in order to attain spiritual enlightenment one must empty self of all earlier beliefs-realities’’

        But for the so called forgetfulness the good Doctors have given a names: Dementia or Alzheimer’s because they believe that not remembering—losing all connections to surroundings is on ‘’illness-sickness’’ because for many Entities who’s body gotten old have the same or similar symptoms.. But of course the Entities know that the body soon will stop working and they are just getting ready, doing house cleaning=== getting rid of the left over: the bits and pieces of the past life cycle. LOL.. getting ready for THE CLEAN GET AWAY !!!!!

        The good doctors haven’t the clue what spirituality means, that we are Infinite and they don’t know we leave the body after it stops functioning therefore to them any departure while we are with the body from the ‘’normal’ ’human behavior whatever that is: is sickness – illness of the body or the mind.

  2. It is a good story, but it does not describe reality in a way that is consistent. Reality has many layers. The top layers may be considered illusory compared to the layers below. In other words, there is a shallow understanding and then there is deep understanding of what is there. There is a gradient. It is not just black and white as considered in the story.

  3. I am Phil’s greatest fan. He stimulates my thinking and lives alternative lifes so I can read the experience. Saves me time. He is both courageous and cowardly. He’s dumb and smart. Sleuth and nerd. I love Phil.

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