Phil Meets Grasshopper

Phil was crossing a field of grass on one variation of the planet Earth.

On the ground lay a grasshopper. It was covered in ants and it was writhing in a last ditch effort to escape the biting mayhem.

Phil paused and beheld the suffering grasshopper and the serious, diligent ants.

“My friend, if it were not for soul-wrenching suffering life would be so, so boring! If we had not such destructive agony, why even get out of bed? Comfort is such a banal torture of  intoxication.”

Phil walked on pondering the next time he would be eaten by ants, and in what lifetime as well and how they would wrench away any sense of self-control and freedom he would have in said lifetime, in said timeline, in said universe, in said multiverse.

He paused after facing it as much as he could imagine.

Phil walked over to the grasshopper-ant feeding frenzy and stomped his foot on the lot of it ending the suffering of his vegan friend.

“Illegitimi non carborundum grasshopper.”

22 thoughts on “Phil Meets Grasshopper

      • Did I said that? I don’t think so. I just made a comment on your comment!
        But if we both would fall into a dich which is filled with fire ants I think we both would be screaming but your screams would last much longer because I have just a skinny little body so the ants would finish my body off faster than yours! LOL.
        Therefore I would be sitting at the edge of the ditch as Entity and watching you in agony but I would remind you ” that is evolution’ so grit your teeth and shut up and let the ants have their supper in peace! 🙂

      • are you hanged up on fire ants ? what fire ants has to do with my spiritual evolvement?
        Bodies are, can be eaten by ants, tigers, snakes, and if you are not a vegan than you also eat meat bodies your self! than you are not different from those ants, but you consume the body more civilized manner what ever that means: boiled, fried, barbequed, stewed, etc.. etc..

  1. Will…. “My friend, if it were not for soul-wrenching suffering life would be so, so boring! If we had not such destructive agony, why even get out of bed? Comfort is such a banal torture of intoxication.”
    Is that so?
    the need for heavy stimulation is totally overrated… because believing that it needed -has to be in order to feel alive- to have life… well… that is on indication of misplaced values.
    suffering -agony is totally overpowering experience which locks out all other realities and among these realities are beauty, joy, love the very freedom to experience what each moment of life offeres.

  2. Evolution is not a race. This is an abstraction. Man is always at a unique point. Everything is always at a unique point. Every iteration is a unique point. Man must not evolve, he is evolving. Evolution is an ongoing process. If the word “just” were removed from the English lanuage, it would help with some illogics, such as, “it is just evolution.”

  3. This is a universe of change. A form appears, survives for some time, and then disappears. No form survives for ever. The form of this particular grasshopper will disappear after providing food to the ants. The form of ants will disappear after being stomped upon and becoming food for other life organisms.

    Organisms form a food chain in the sense that higher organisms eat lower organisms as food to continue living.

    Sentience sppears at human level. This is acceleration of evolution. The natural goal in this universe is evolution and not survival.

    If mankind fails to evolve it will become extinct.

  4. Wow! Thanks for the comments everybody.

    The phrase means “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

    It even has a wikipedia entry.

    Phil and Cassy hold different views as they manifest. Some are more enlightened than others. I have held strong views that are wrong, and they could sometimes turn vicious.

    I shamefully admit that once as a young fundamentalist Christian, I thought aids was “God’s wrath” on gay people. I wince at such things now.

    And Phil, if he really cared could have dusted off the ants and sent the Grasshopper on his way.

    Last week a friend of mine was bit by 25 ground wasps. I had to literally berate him into the ER. He thought he was fine. Turns out, he would have died if I hadn’t been an asshole.

    So, I guess my story was inspired by that a bit.

  5. “The natural goal in this universe is evolution and not survival.”

    With respect, both “natural goal” and “survival” are human abstractions. We live within a roiling, seething universe of processes, attractions, and repulsions. Spacetime as an understanding has barely been touched. The universe gravitates and within this process of gravitation occurs all manner of coming togethers and going aparts from the smallest condensation to the largest accretion.

    Man is evolving just as the continents are floating upon their underlying plate tectonics. Whether his evolution brings about any duration of geologic length simply remains to be seen. All biology is sentient but Man’s evolutionary strength lies within his sapience — his complex ability to reason. I would even argue that sentience and sapience though not synonymous yet describe abstract divisions of what we roughly refer to as intelligence, yes even artificial intelligence. Therefore, these divisions are not hard but fuzzy and yet to be understood.

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