Phil Fable – Guest Phil Teaches Brain Exercises


PLAYERS: New Phil, Old Phil and little boy.


OLD PHIL: “Let’s begin! Imagine the reality that you have no soul at all. That you are only meat and that this is ABSOLUTE AND UNIQUE AND SUPPORTED BY SCIENCE WITH STRONG EVIDENCE AND TRUMPS RELIGION.”

NEW PHIL: “Well, THAT’S cheery.”

OLD PHIL: “Try it. Let me know when you are there.”

New Phil sat for 45 seconds.

NEW PHIL: “Okay. There.”

OLD PHIL: “Now emotionally take that reality and FEEL it as much as you can. Embrace it and be brave even if it disappoints.”

NEW PHIL: “Okay. It sucks. Really.”

OLD PHIL: “Now, imagine that you are an immortal spirit with a transcendent free will that is beyond the filter of science and that this reality is ABSOLUTE AND UNIQUE AND TRUMPS SCIENCE.”

NEW PHIL: “Okay.”

OLD PHIL: “Now emotionally take that reality and FEEL it as much as you can. Embrace it and be brave even though your free will in this world isn’t what you want.”

NEW PHIL: “Okay. Got it.”

OLD PHIL: “Now play with alternating absolutes. FEEL each absolute separately. Switch back and forth between them believing each of them to be true while you embrace it. Then feel the other being ABSOLUTELY true.”

New Phil played with this for about fifteen minutes while Old Phil handed out candy with a scary mask on so as not to confuse the kids with two identical Phils. When the kids were gone, Old Phil took off his mask and returned to instructing New Phil.

OLD PHIL: “Now for the tricky part. You may notice that your belief has a space for only a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ value. Most versions of us can feel them both as true only when one value is used at a time. Is that what you feel?”

NEW PHIL: “Yeah.”

OLD PHIL: “Okay. Great. Now bring these mutually exclusive ABSOLUTES into the SAME value space as both being ABSOLUTELY true. You may feel it won’t work. There is a reason for that. Do you know what that reason is?”


OLD PHIL: “IT DOESN’T WORK. It makes NO sense. It fails utterly. Totally. It is ULTIMATE DISSONANCE AND MADNESS. But try to FEEL them as true as a paradox manifested by decision.”

NEW PHIL: “Yikes, that’s hard.”

OLD PHIL: “Work on it. Try it again for three minutes.”

Three minutes go by as New Phil sits on the steps. Old Phil puts on the mask as some more Crank-or-Candy kids come to the door. One is dressed as a Wamproot. Old Phil gives him all some candy. Afterward, he looks at the Wamproot and holds his arms straight out with his fingers wide.”

OLD PHIL: “I want to root your soul and drink its Blahd” he yells.

The little boy turned back raising his hands straight up.

LITTLE BOY: “Yapko Desidum – to hell with you evil beast!”

Old Phil clutches his heart.

OLD PHIL: “GOT .. ME…Wamproot” he croaked.

The kids walk away happily. Old Phil turns to new Phil.

OLD PHIL: “How about now?”

Phil looks at Phil and replies.

NEW PHIL: “Well, it’s hard because my brain wants only one value as absolute. But holding both absolutes in the same absolute value space seems to create a feeling of energy. I want to call it a life force. It’s kind of like having a puzzle and trying to put two pieces into the same slot at the same time. It’s impossible but you CAN try to do it and that trying has a strangeness to it. An energy I want to call a life force.”

OLD PHIL: “Oh, PUH-LEASE! You are so easily fooled,” said guest Phil. “You so want to be a Wodo with a sword of light saving the world. On my home planet a Wodo is called a Jedi. People that actually want to be Jedi are called DELUSIONAL FANTASY NERDS.”

NEW PHIL: “Wow. THAT hurt.”

OLD PHIL: “Consider it just a little harsh self talk Phil to Phil. Can I have something to eat? After that I need to leave.”

NEW PHIL: “Sure.”

OLD PHIL: “It’s … uh … actually weirder than that. A lot weirder actually. Just control what is yours and go on.

NEW PHIL: “Seems like a pretty solid idea.

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