Phil Fable – The Best Side of Awful

10:00 PM Billings, Montana


The green book sat on the table shiny new without a page ever turned. The book’s title was “How to Deal With the Monster of Addiction.”

On the floor was a passed out nineteen year old girl, drug paraphernalia on the floor with her dad and Phil standing above her. The dad was clueless what drug was displayed in front of him.

The father and Phil looked at the oblivious teen while waiting for an ambulance.

“Any advice?” asked the father.

“Two words,” said Phil.


“THIS SUCKS. I’m sorry. That’s it. That’s all the advice I can give.

The father relied, “Oh wait. I can add a word.”

Phil looked at with a wet eye.

“This sucks AWFUL,” choked out the father.

Phil tried to never missed a good opportunity to shut up. So he took it. He reached down and pulled her hair out of her face as the father steeled up behind a fist. Phil checked her pulse. Nodded to him that  it was there. He stood up,  farted by accident, walked over to the door and turned on the porch light to her apartment.

“This CAN’T be happening…” said the Father.

“Stage one,” thought Phil. He thought about picking up the pieces himself, but the father stooped to pick them up. As he set them on the end table, it was obvious that he was angry as hell.

“Stage two,” thought Phil. “THAT was fast.”

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