Phil Fable – Another Day, Another Speech, Another Death Yada-Yada-Yada

It was just another routine death for our hero Phil. He was sitting on a horse with his hand behind his back and a noose around his neck as a mob of black hooded cultists were about to hang him for teaching women how to use the “Rhetorica Ad Herennium.” What angered them the most was that he showed them how to make such an endeavor a rich spiritual practice by virtue of creating a world in ones own imagination. It was a dark night, and the shadow of a hill a mile away was cresting a full mooon.

The only one who had no hood was Phil.

The hoods started babbling their 109 year cult babble. It was a fair display of batshit and circumstance. After the leader said his say, and the hoods shook their torches, it got down to the point of the evening – a straight forward hanging.

“I ask for last words,” said Phil.

A hood nodded.

“Look!” said a hood pointing to the hill.

As Phil looked up at the hill, the moon was now full and about 10 feet above the hill’s crest. The moon sat perfectly aligned and nested in the center of a flaming circle!

The flaming circle was mounted on a pole. Holding the pole was a  hooded figure. The figure adjusted the control and a flaming line bisected the circle and the moon it cradled into a top half and bottom half.”

“Our Symbol!” cried one of the hoods. “It’s a brother!”

But thirty seconds later, ANOTHER line cut the circle and moon into quarters making a plus sign. Then the fiery circle rotated until the plus sign became an X – the symbol Teth. The moon and the symbol were obviously aligned so that from the position of the hanging tree, it shone forth as one glowing visage.

The figure unhooded herself revealing a red headed woman.

Phil’s closed smile went ear to ear as he whispered.

“Cassandra! You truth-telling liar…”

The hoods stopped looking at Phil.

Phil’s face beamed.

All the hoods were within 20 feet of Phil. So he spoke in a normal voice as he looked up at the burning X within a circle. 

“I teach you the SUPERWOMAN! Man is something that is to be surpassed. What have YOU done to surpass man?”

He looked at every hood individually.

“All beings hitherto have created something beyond themselves, and YE WANT TO BE THE EBB OF THAT GREAT TIDE and would rather go BACK to the beast than surpass man!”

He stared at them.

“HA!” he said.

“Behold, the SUPERWOMAN in a world with no reliable wrist watch!”

They all looked at the symbol and the woman standing on top of the hill, her hair flaming in the light of  the fire and moon and her right hand held out open to them.

Phil kicked the horse violently to start the swinging himself. He watched Cassandra’s symbol as much as he could amid the swinging, turning and blacking.

Upon seeing Phil hanging, furious hoods dispatched to the top of the hill. Fifteen minutes later, they found Cassandra’s burning X, but no Cassandra.

The pole with the circle and X wasn’t at all like the crude device they used when they placed their burning Thetas in front of their enemies residences. No, it was an ingenious piece of mechanical engineering. The metal parts were fabricated by hand. The inlaid designs of the pole were also hand carved. It was like it was designed for them to behold the quality of the maker.

“How did she know we were going to do this, and how did she know how to align the device with the moon PERFECTLY?,” said one of the hoods.

They further examined the pole and saw how a gear and chain rotated the plus sign into an X. The more geek minded were impressed with the way that she was able to make both the first second lines of negation appear to create first, the symbol “Theta” and then turn it into “Teth.”

“How did she know HOW to pull this OFF?” repeated the same man. It was becoming his mantra.

At the base of the device lay a thin book.

“The Rhetorica ad Herinnium.”

On the front of the book was a phrase written in red ink.

“Memorized by Cassandra.”

The man who had been so vocal, picked up the book and pocketed it.

“I will burn THIS myself!” he said to the others.

They all looked down expecting to see Phil hanging. Instead, they saw him cut down by a hooded figure.


“Wake up buddy! Wake up Buddy! Wake up Buddy!”

Phil slowly woke to see himself. The noose was cut and to his side.

“Here,” said Phil to Phil, “Here is the A-11,”

“Why are you giving ME this?”

“The Feeler is exhausted, so I guess I’M the new feeler. No more time in the field for this Phil. The old Feeler is going to go coach Little League on earth with the deep wish that he could have a wiped memory. But that’s the feeler’s burden. Use the watch to get you and Cassie out of here. I programmed it to teleport me in about a minute. Cassie is up a tree right now and they are beginning to start looking up.”

Phil took the A-11 wrist watch, typed in a command in morse code on it watch face, and he and Cassey were teleported safely a mere mile away.


As some of the hoods raced to their horses to recapture Phil, one fell to the ground clutching his heart.

Dropping the matter at hand, some of his friends helped him the best they could. They took him home. Tended to him.

But by morning, he was gone.

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