Cassandra Fable – Free Will Type 4

One hour after the Titanic just got struck by an iceberg. A brother and sister hugged themselves as they watched the lifeboats go into the water without them.

A voice came from behind.

“Come on. I can get you safe.”

The looked up and saw a redheaded woman with a fiery look in her eye.

“I know how to package you so you won’t freeze, but we HAVE to hurry.”

They quickly ran to an open cabin. Inside was an odd assortment of clothes, several buckets of water and a five gallon can of mechanics grease.

“Strip down to your underwear and grease yourself up. That way the water cannot touch your skin.”

They looked at each other.

“NOW!” she yelled. “If you want to find your mom, she’s probably on a lifeboat. You ARE rich.”

They did as instructed.

First, Cassandra greased them up with mechanics grease. Then she dipped the oversized pants and shirt in water and then put a layer of clothes on both of them. Then she greased that layer up. Quickly, she dipped in two more sets of clothes in the water and layered those on top. Then she greased those. Then she put on wet, oversized long underwear and greased it. Finally she did the same with several layers of socks. Finally, out of water, she bundled them in two coats and coated the coats with grease. Then with string she tied their pant legs against their ankles and their cuffs to their wrists.

Scraping the grease bucket, she covered their face and hair and hands. She layered their greasy hands with greasy socks. Then she took an empty, sealed gallon jug with a secured lid and a rope tied through the finger hole. She tied it to their ankles and gave them each a whistle on a rope and had them hold the jug.

“You first girlie, come with me. YOU stay here.”

The little girl clung to her as she ran to the deck. She looked up at the stars.

“I need you to trust me. Hold on to the jug and close your eyes. Okay? You’ll be with your mom soon. Okay.”


She threw her overboard and ran back to the room as her scream filled the sky.

She entered the room.

“You threw my little sister over didn’t you?” said the boy.


“I’ll jump.”

“Show me cowboy.”

“What about you?”

“I’m not first class. Too stuffy for me. Bunch of God Wanna-Bees who think they are important. Shit, they don’t even know what a fucking Galaxy is! Look for a guy named ‘Hubble’ in a few years – he will FUCKING BLOW YOUR MIND. Tell your sister to remove the clothes as soon as you are on the lifeboat and that this was your idea. You do the same. Leave me out of it. PROMISE ME THAT. That is how you honor my death which will happen very shortly. Ten years from now, open this up and say this toast for me at the anniversary, and promise to me that you and your sister will NEVER say a word about me.”

She gave him a sealed envelope. He lept over the railing to help his sister float over to a life raft.



“Thank you for joining me in this dinner tonight. As promised, my sister and I have a toast to make to a lost friend whom we never knew.”

He opened up the sealed envelope and read it silently first.

MESSAGE FOR YOU TWO: Be yourselves – for me! – Cassandra.

He nodded at his sister. She held his hand.

Then he raised his voice and his glass.

A TOAST FROM AN UNKNOWABLE: This came from an artist I like. “So raise your glass if you wrong in all the right ways. All my underdogs, we will  never be NEVER BE anything but loud, and nitty gritty DIRTY LITTLE FREAKS!”

He was as puzzled as was everyone else. They raised their glass and the evening went forward. Questions about the toast came later and his reply was honest.

“I have no idea what it was about.”

One of the guests was a professor who brought up a subject of interest regarding astronomy.

“Have you heard of the work of Edwin Hubble?”

Sister reached out and grabbed brothers hand and gripped very, very tightly.

“I think I’ve heard him mentioned …”

Later, he framed the message.


2 thoughts on “Cassandra Fable – Free Will Type 4

    • It’s a bullshit notion that seeks a non-bullshit answer. I wrote it with another idea in mind. When done, I realized the title didn’t match the story. But then I thought “Why not?” and left it.

      The notion begs for definitions. What are the other three? Are there more than four types? If there were what would they look like?

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