Phil Fable – The 1% Prodigal Son

Phil walked into the market place, found a spot and began to tell a parable to the masses.

Come near and I will tell you a story! He cried while handing and throwing out Susan B. Anthony dollars to an astonished crowd.”

“Here son! Have a dollar! Go get yourself half a soda!”

People were astonished to see someone actually GIVING money away while street performing.

“Come! Hear the fable of the ungrateful rich son!”

Enough people stopped for Phil to begin. The money helped. A homeless person had been able to land ten bucks out of the deal.

He bagan …


“Once there was a son born into tremendous wealth. But alas, he did not appreciate it. He whined and complained and acted like a spoiled, obnoxious BRAT! His father, decided to teach him a lesson about how the world really was. So he sent him to an impoverished Haiti for a summer to see how the less fortunate lived.

“The young lad returned to his father a CHANGED MAN!

His father meeting him at the airport asked him immediately what he thought, but his son was too saddened to answer. He clutched his father and WEPT. After they drove home, they went into his father’s study.”

“What did you learn son?”

“Father, there are SO MANY potential slaves to our will. Their will is ALREADY broken and we have SO FEW of them under our domain and it BREAKS MY HEART!”

“I know!” said the Father.

“They could serve us, if the world were OURS.”

His father teared up as his son continued. His son handed him a hanky.

“They are so ripe for our exploitation and domination and are do disgusting in their way. We ARE their rightful masters. They ARE chattel. We are the leaders of the earth, and the gods they need to worship.”

“His father shed a tear and choked out his reply … I KNEW YOU WOULD SEE! I hoped seeing people in such adverse circumstances would liberate you!”

They hugged a long, long time.

“WE ARE THE GODS OF EARTH!” said the son.


Phil paused for effect. There was just a little effect to be had.

“And THAT is the parable of the Prodigal 1% Son!”

He turned to the surveillance camera on the building to the right. Faced it. Tapped on his wrist watch and disappeared out of thin air. The security guard on the other end of the camera immediately tried to save and replay the scene, but for some reason, it never saved the last thirty seconds.

Nobody would believe his story about seeing a man disappear. Nor should they.

As people inspected the scene after he left, they found the following words written in chalk”

When all the world is full of evil, transform ALL mishaps into the path of Bodhi.” – The Lojong Proverbs

One guy took a picture of it. He looked down and saw a piece of paper. He picked it up.

It said, “All Dharmas fail. Be free anyway.”

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