Phil Fable – Irish Boat People

The slave boy was earnest. He was two hundred miles from his master’s home. He had been begging all day to get access to the boat about to leave the shores.

“Please, oh PLEASE let me board your ship.”

“No, you are too much trouble. Run away from your master did you? I need no run away slaves on my boat,” said the captain.

The boy showed not one bit of deflation.

“God told me to come here. HE told me that my ship of freedom was here. HE TOLD me that more than just my life at stake. I was captured against my will. Forced into slavery. For six years of my life as a young man I have been a slave. Have YOU ever been a slave sir?”


“Sir, God wants me on that ship. God told me my ship was here.”

“Why didn’t he tell me?” asked the Captain.

“Because when God burns in a heart, everyone knows when it is his voice. And my heart burns for Him sir. I was proud. I now know that God is my life’s fire. PLEASE.”

“No and don’t ask me again.”

One of the seamen walked up to him bowing his head in humility.

“Sir, you remember the dream you had last week? About the fragile fire? A youth with a fragile fire you had to carry?”

“Well …”

“Sir, I’m just a mate but LOOK at the fire in him. He came two hundred miles sir. Look at the focus and the weakness. See his tattered feet. He is skinny as bones, depleted from his journey, but fierce as a lion. Is he not desperate and fierce? Is he fragile fire? I donna sir. It’s your call. You are the Captain but it was YOUR dream.”

The Captain stared a long time at the tattered, skinny, fiery young man. There was something in his eyes. He knew he was going to let him on. He knew the moment his seaman mentioned the dream.

“Get on then.”

Patrick got on board so fast it was a blur.

Patrick turned to the seaman.



“Thank you. I owe you one.”

Phil pinched him – hard.


Phil hung on.

“Let go! OW!”

Patrick struggled and struggled. It was a serious contest. Pat wanted to hit him but feared getting thrown off the boat. Finally Patrick pulled himself free from the fierce pinch of Phil.

“Future justice,” said Phil. “You don’t owe me anything now.”


“Call it karma. Oh wait, you’ve never heard of that. I just had a really bad thing happen to me in second grade for not wearing green on a particular day. You’ll be fine. Help me with getting the ropes on board. There’s water over there. We eat in when the sun is a hand’s breadth to the the horizon.”

Patrick took in the scene and rubbed his side. After he saw that Phil was no longer something to be afraid of nor overly grateful toward, he looked at his boat of salvation in gratitude.

“God told me my ship was here. This is His plan for my life a voice told me two hundred miles back. Are you a Christian Phil?”

“I’m just me.”

“I really owe you. Why did you stand up for me?”

“Because I’m an inter-dimensional traveler that needs this universe to have YOU get on this ship. Anyway, In some Universes you make it on the ship, and in others you don’t. And in this universe, you REALLY needed to be here. It’s a pivot point in inter-dimensional evolution actually – so I guess you could call it GOD’S WILL. Yeah, that works for you I think.”

Patrick stared, dumbfounded.

“The problem is that there are bastards out there who want to be the Big Enchilada, so I gotta keep my head low and work on improving the quality of enlightenment’s inter-dimensional evolution.”

“Don’t listen to him Patrick. He’s a crazy one,” said the Captain.

“What’s an enchilada?” asked Patrick.

Patrick looked at the Captain.

“Crazy, ” repeated the Captain.

Phil went back to work.

Patrick looked puzzled.

Dinner happened and night fell. The next morning Patrick showed Phil his bruise on his side from the pinch.

“Look at what you did.”

Phil smiled.

“Yeah, you didn’t deserve that. Sorry.”

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