Phil Fable – Electrician Connects Wires

The truck pulled up to the Glendale, Arizona Starbucks. The side of the yellow truck read “Giant Electric Corporation.” A middle aged electrician with a goatee walked by three college students discussing physics. He ordered his coffee, and hung around the table to catch the conversation.

He checked his watch, it was 10:00 AM and his appointment was thirty minutes away. It was an old watch. It was a World War 2 Army watch he found on ebay that he was particularity fond of.

At the table of students was an asian girl with a cute animal hat on. She was quiet, thoughtful and listening in as the male nerds tried to impress her. The topics went to the concept of multiverses. The males went back and forth between the topics while he sat down and drank his coffee.

After fifteen minutes of listening to their highly intelligent banter, he stopped by the table.

“THANK YOU for this amazing discussion! I have to confess, I’m a physics and math nerd and I loved eavesdropping to you three talk. Please forgive my nosiness.”

“Oh, COOL! Said the male with the short brown hair. The other male was a bit skeptical. The girl was smiling fully. It was something she did a lot.”

“I want to ask the lady a question if I may.”

“Sure,” she asked.

“Do YOU believe in infinite Universes?”

She took her time. Studied his face and turned as cute as her hat.


“Do you think you exist in multiple Universes?”

“Yes. Infinite Universes of me is my best guess.”

The males opened their mouths.

“She never says this stuff!,” said the blond male with the long hair.

“So, tell me, what do you think is the difference between a memory of this lifetime and an imagined memory where you end up on a romantic weekend with Brad Pitt on an earth with two moons? And if there is no difference, why do we assign the notion of belief to one and fantasy to the other? And why don’t we just enjoy them all as memories?”

She was quiet. It was her default setting.

“Whoh,” said the skeptical one.

He looked at her face. She didn’t answer. He decided to keep the conversation moving to avoid that time dimension known as “awkward.”

“I imagine or I guess I should say remember a particular life in Korea with a very bright daughter,” he said. “One with real imagination. My life is way better here though. I am quite happy in this life. We have GREAT coffee this time around.”

“I like this life,” she said. “What’s your name?”

The blond headed guy pointed to the watch cutting her off.

“Cool watch man. What kind is it?”

He turned to the young man and held out his wrist

“It’s an A-11 wrist watch from World War 2. Remember those scenes in movies where they said, ‘Gentlemen, let’s synchronize our watches?’ and then they went out on a mission?”


“Well this is how they did it. The watch could hack time. By hacking time it meant, you could pull out the stem and it would stop the sweeping second hand. So each of us if we were soldiers in World War 2 could stop the second hand on the 12 and synchronize both minutes and seconds. Then all at once, we could push the stem in and our watches would be in sync as we go forth to kick Nazi butt.”

“Wow! Can I see it?”


He took off the watch and handed it to them.

“Can I hack the time?”


“He pulled out the pin and the second hand stopped. He pushed the second hand in and it started.

“Wow. I SO want one of these!” he said handing the watch bak.

He put the watch back on, raised his drink to them all and got in his yellow truck. He started it up and drove to his appointment.

The girl dangled her strings from her animal hat and looked at his truck drive away. She sat quietly a long time. The boys watched her think. She picked up her pink drink and sipped her straw to resolve the matter finally with commitment within her quite, and very fertile, mind.

“Today, I buy a memory journal,” she thought.

Then she looked cute again. That was her second default setting. She picked up her Physics Books to go take the test that was going to kick both of the boy’s asses. She never showed them her scores.

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