Phil Fable – A Batshit Manifesto

Phil sat down at his desk polishing off his personal manifesto he informally threw together. He had fully recovered from the awful memories that were downloaded into his mind and was back to being the center of his world as a human network server, AKA: “The Feeler” : the one who feels every memory of Phil in almost every universe as they came in through the technological brilliance of the A-11 device. The feeler’s job was simple. Experience the memories of every Phil that can be found and NOT go crazy.

Not an easy job.

Cassy told him that writing a manifesto may help him even if it sucked. And so he did write. It did help and it did suck. Guano never smelled so much like bullshit.

“This work is HACK!” he declared in disgust.

He got up and fixed a cup of coffee. He took out a ceramic pour-over filter and put a paper filter inside it and set it atop a blue, tin coffee cup. He put in the grounds and then took water from a tea kettle and poured. He loved drinking from that old blue tin cup with the rusty, chipped enamel notches on the lip. He liked how the metal transferred the heat to his hands, and how the rim bit into his bottom lip as he drank.

“I’m sure nothing about these notions is new. But … this is my best guess on the truth of the Universe and my place in it where I don’t die.”

He paused for a reality check.

“This is just another FAILED attempt to find a way to have a soul anyway. I’m trying to hack a paradox that is un-hackable.”

He sipped his coffee and read it one more time.



Absolute Geometry is the geometry we learn from Euclid. However, I propose that it may be much deeper than we currently know. I think it may be the reality that holds all of the universes. Absolute Geometry may be framework of the emptiness that Buddhism speaks of. It may be the mother’s womb that holds all objective realities.

What the Greeks say about it may be true. The Pythagoreans probably had a lot more to say about it, but they got killed off.


  • Impossible things take no space because impossible things do not exist, therefore they all FIT within a point.
  • Numbers take no space, therefore they all FIT within a point.
  • Paradoxes take no space, therefore they all FIT within a point.
  • There is no selves, therefore they all FIT within a point.
  • Add all these impossibilities (and infinite others) together and you get a being AS a point of dimension.
  • A point can be a 1 (being) or a 0 (not being) and every point is BOTH. A point can be 0 (being) or a 1 (non-being) or BOTH.


Each individual point is the Zero Point of the absolute center of absolute geometry.

Absolute Geometry can house infinite, overlapping and separate universes based on how they use mathematics to create space-time in different dimensions of Universes:

EXAMPLE #1: In Absolute Geometry, an atom in our Universe can hold an entire universe because there are no space constraints in absolute geometry (AKA: Planck Length), and our entire universe can be the size of one atom in another Universe in Absolute Geometry.

EXAMPLE #2: In Absolute Geometry, the X axis can count as 1/2 an inch per unit of space and the Y axis can be 1 inch per unit of space and the Z access can have units of space that are always half the value of the last unit. This will create a working 3D topography that appears to have the same matching units of space to a point moving through it. In other words if a person sat on one of these points, the X, Y and Z axis would ALL look the same length because of the warping of space-time in relation to absolute geometry. But from a viewpoint in Absolute Geometry, this Universe would appear as a ribbon.

Dimensional lensing all comes down to a being experiencing of a unit of measure appearing the same in all directions.  A lensing effect occurs through the manipulation of space-time that makes all these units of measure to look the same. This may the idea behind brane theory. But brane theory postulates that we are, in fact, living on space-time ribbons. It’s like how Wile-E-Coyote can stand before a painting of a highway on the rock and look away from the rock at the real highway.

To Wile-E both the painting on the cliff and the real highway APPEAR THE SAME TO HIM. It also explains how the Road Runner runs into the cliff painting like it is real, and how the coyote then hits the wall.

BOTH Wile-E-Coyote AND the Road Runner are right, if the universes they are both in overlap and are visible to each other in real time and their movement through space and time are perfectly aligned. In the Road runner’s case, space was shrinking on the wall in Absolute Geometry so fast that Wile-E-Coyote’s rules of space-time didn’t align with the Road Runner’s rules of space-time in Absolute Geometry.

In short, the pooch and the bird are in different universe with different rules of space-time. We cannot, of course, replicate this.

Time, to me, are the rules of movement within a dimensional structure of a Universe that is a sub-universe of Absolute Geomerty.  Movement may appear to be the same speed inside a defined Universe, but actually would go slower or faster relative to Absolute Geometry which houses the Universe’s dimensions.

But I think that inside MANY Universes, Absolute Geometry may appear to function as the same Geometry of the Universe and roughly align with its topography. But such a universe may hack it and discover the truth like Einstein did with the notion of warping space and a variable rate of time.

So a hunk of meat in one Universe can understand Absolute Geometry even though he knows he isn’t living inside it but rather in a sub universe OF it. A being in a ribbon universe could understand Absolute Geometry as well as a person in a universe where x, y and z have equal spacing regarding Absolute Geometry.

Points are impossible in such a universe’s Geometry and only can “exist” in Absolute Geometry, but in Absolute Geometry, they are paradoxical. Since they have have only position but no space, they technically do not exist until they are …


…discovered or created by other points. Points that have decided to BE ANYWAY with the help of each other or perhaps in some cases because of one’s own choice.

I think freewill is impossible in our Universe, but may exit in Absolute Geometry. My best guess is that freewill would not come from a point DECIDING it has free will. It would come from other reference points manifesting free will from EACH OTHER and therefore empowering a point to be a will BY their own collaborative freewill existence. WILL is a social gift that is granted socially FIRST, and then evolves into being mastered individually. Then, and only then, it can decide if it wants to keep it’s free will and transcend emptiness. There may be points that are self-determined without a social network, but it is unknown and like the other notions of this manifesto – speculative.

The social creation of a “self point” in Absolute Geometry can serve as a mythological explanation as to why God is often described as three in one in many religions. It takes others to make a being be free.

And maybe, because we cannot look directly into our own eyeballs, we need others to look in them for us. We have to trust OTHERS to discover our true self and what abilities and declarations this self can manifest.

But once a being is, it IS until it decides it IS NOT or until it decides that it IS and IS NOT at once. The Zero point becomes a defining and potentially creating paradox in Absolute Geometry. But there would be no evidence of such a being inside any Universe that is a sub-universe of Absolute Geometry.

Numbers have no real place or actual existence in the universe of our lives other than as ideas, and for a number to have real tangible reality in our universe is impossible – but I think numbers exist as real creations in Absolute geometry starting when a point is defined. And perhaps a point in Absolute Geometry is ACTUALLY A ZERO.

  • A Universe within Absolute Geometry can move or float across Absolute Geometry if viewpoints agree it moves.
  • A Universe within Absolute Geometry can move or float across Absolute Geometry even if a Viewpoints are not aware of it passing through it.
  • A Universe within Absolute Geometry can be unmoving in absolute geometry and be known to only one point.
  • An identical Universe within Absolute Geometry can be unmoving and known by others.
  • A Universe can expand within Absolute Geometry.
  • A Universe can contract within Absolute Geometry.
  • A Universe can, using it’s own geometry as a working absolute geometry, create universes within it.

Points create Absolute Space in Absolute Geometry, but two points in Absolute Geometry cannot join to create a point in Absolute Geometry.  Between any two points is an infinitude of points.

BATSHIT BIG IDEA #1: Our impossible souls, freewill and power are all points within absolute Geometry.

A point that can never be found in a possible universe. It can reference infinite points in Absolute Geometry, but not EVERY point in Absolute Geometry.


Because points are living, multiplying beings no complete set can exist. Also just like it is proven that there is no set of every possible number is possible. For a point to exist as a being in Absolute Geometry, it must discover itself as a paradox with the help of other points. Such help doesn’t come from religion but from created realities.

Freewill may exist within a point in Absolute Geometry, but NOT in a our Meat Universe. It feels like it does because our viewpoint of dimension has that ability. But in this case, our Viewpoint chose to accept an entirely deterministic life that feels like it has free will but doesn’t ACTUALLY have any. Free Will was what happened BEFORE our point experienced our current life as a timeline. Our life is a book with our point reading it in real time. The story FEELS natural, but it is an illusion. The point is who we really are. Nothing in the book will get us, the point, to feel like we are out of the story until the chosen story ends. It’s like we are sitting in a movie theater and cannot stop the movie, or perhaps like we are reading a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story with multiple endings.

This is why humans will never exhibit real magic. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is going to be lifting cars with their will, even if they unleash the powers of their “point” that is their true self in Absolute Geometry. If we chose this universe, we chose it warts and all, and are sticking to our decisions. And there is no way out of that process because we cannot deny what our true self has promised itself, even if a subset meat-self cannot see that promise.

BATSHIT BIG IDEA #2: Our only choice in this fixed, dream world is our attitude on how we accept fate so that our point in Absolute Geometry can learn. 

The point is to learn to confront and accept this, our story, here and now FULL ON. This idea is to enjoy a life of quality by DECISION, not reality. To love it fully even when it breaks all sense of free will. THAT breaking of our sense of free will IS THE POINT OF THIS UNIVERSE. Love that breaking. Laugh at it. Dance with it. Run to it like it was your mother.

BATSHIT BIG IDEA #3 At any time, we can go back to our point in Absolute Geometry, even if it is a mythological notion, and experience reality as it is, and transcend it, EVEN WHEN SUFFERING, and even if that transcendence is only a micro-second within a Universe.

Why? Because in Absolute Geometry, a micro-second can be an eternity thank’s to things like Zeno’s paradox.

If you allow for division by zero, then anything is possible – even the notion of a mathematical system that does not allow division by zero (our current system). Dividing by 0 is called “impossible” or “undefined.” Therefore, our existing number system (a possible system) is a subsystem of the impossible/undefined system and possible sets are the subset of impossible sets. Therefore impossible things drive possible things and not the other way around. 

“Amor fati.” – Nietzsche

“God is number.” – Pythagoras


He looked at his Bullshit Manifesto, laughed out loud and decided to get more serious on his study of math and geometry because obviously, he needs a math tutor and a good dose of reality. After all, he has all the free time in the world since Cassy needs him only thirty minutes a day to download all the other Phil’s memories as they come in.

He took his manifesto, lit a match and let it burn. He finished his coffee, threw the ashes away, and went to go dance to the sun’s rising.

As he left his house, he looked at the sun cresting the day. He saw Cassy walking to their morning spot for tail chi.  He walked up grabbing her hand.

“Let’s shout Zarathustra’s prayer to the sun.”

She nodded and smiled, he was such a cornball.

“Good to see you back. Did you write your manifesto?”

“Yup. Ashes now. It was incomplete and most certainly wrong as soon as I finished it.”

She smiled.

“So it’s not true?”

“The truth is a lie,” said Phil.

They raised their hands and proclaimed:

“Thou great STAR! What would BE thy happiness if thou hadst not those for whom THOU SHINEST!”


10 thoughts on “Phil Fable – A Batshit Manifesto


    Chris: And coincidentally where the infinitely possible exist. You are right Phil. Who would have thought that you’d weld impossible with infinitely possible, both infinitely improbable together with infinitely probable. Batshit. . . batshit perfect. I didn’t see that coming!

    • Nietzsche’s book “Thus Spake Zarathusra” has SO many good quotes in it. It’s a shame the Nazi wackos RUINED Nietzsche and Wagner (Not that Wagner’s boring music didn’t need any other ruining).

      But Nietzsche ABHORRED nation states and especially ones like the Third Reich. Nietzsche was … get this .. STATELESS.

      He actually gamed his life into a citizenship of NONE.

      And then he went mad from a brain tumor.

  2. A thesis worthy of a degree. Definitely a B.Sc.- Bat Shit crazy, fully some come loud.

    Did Phil have an Irish heritage? A former Phil O’Feeler re-inventing himself in the haze of the cloud?

    Before my own Irish goes full to zero I’d wager my last sip that there’s 4-leafed clovers wait’n to be found, just to mention one of a number and some fancy geometry, at that.

    • Irish doesn’t come to mind 2ndxmr. But Phil is trans-culturural especially with the whacked out reincarnation (or co-incarnation) mythology that is used here.

      So he could become Irish. Today, he was Thai.

      But for you, an Irish story it is. Tomorrow.

  3. I am splitting few hairs here since I have nothing better to do in the moment of NOW.
    ””“Thou great STAR! What would BE thy happiness if thou hadst not those for whom THOU SHINEST!”””
    He should have waited for the stars answer..and there could have been many different realities but he did not ask, but stated the above., therefore he assumed that the star has only that happiness. What I write here is not about what I read is right or wrong, just my reality expressed.
    The English I know is not an level to understand what is written in the above post. The universe I operate in has become a very simple place

    “”This idea is to enjoy a life of quality by DECISION, not reality. To love it fully even when it breaks all sense of free will.””
    Yes I like that.. but again there is a different reality I would like to express here: not having any Decision, be without thoughts-considerations and just to enjoy the experienced moment what ever that may be.Elizabeth

  4. William, I might comment here and there in few blogs but I do that to Pass the TIME.. which is of course in my reality not existing.. I might write something disagreeable on those topics but just for ”doing” expressing different view… but in fact all what is written-expressed in others post is totally fine with me…

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