Phil Fable – Hell’s Question

Phil sat in a hell. It was an ice hell. One of the worst kind. Fire hells were intense, but once one could deal with the intensity they could be transcended. It is ice hells that take so long to emerge from if one is carbon based.

He found a dying sufferer, built a shelter of snow and put her within it. He used his A-11 to rez a heater. It appeared next to her. She warmed.

He typed a command into his A-11 to scan her brain and learn her language and download it to his brain.

She slowly came back to health. After a few weeks of getting to know each other, he asked her a question.

“Who is more free, the the one who creates a hell or the one who transcends it?”

“The Creator,” she said.

Phil looked at her eyes sans any romance, but full of deep love. Her eyes saw that what he beheld in her was freedom. Enough freedom – a memetic, contagious freedom.

“Really?” asked Phil. “Is that the conclusion you came to yourself based on evidence, or is it something that either evolved naturally in your mind or that someone else wanted you to have?”

There was a pause.

“Rethinking,” she whispered finally with a knowing, tiny smile.

“Well, take your time and remove my influence before you answer.”

33 thoughts on “Phil Fable – Hell’s Question

  1. Chris, thanks for indirectly pointing out the hidden cult mechanics Phil used (I’m not prescribing a process with a particular outcome).

    I have pimp slapped Phil and corrected the dialogue above. His questioning lead to a pre-determined answer.

  2. The cult of Scientology of which I was a member promotes mental awareness all the while actually cutting the reach of its members do any personal research of their own minds. This cults treats the mind as something delicate and prone to going mad, this has not been my own experience and it seems neither has it been yours. My own mind seems pretty tough and durable to me. I find it fun and satisfying to examine my own assumptions about the world and have only benefited from this effort with no important down side to report, and certainly nothing to compare with the fear-mongering cult which uses fear of one’s own mind as a mechanism to control the activities of its members.

      • LOL! In my world, that is what we are doing and experiencing every moment, but then what do I know?!? hahaha

        Joking aside (not really) the fractal iteration locates a single coordinate point in the fractal plane and then uses that point as input for the next point. So simple but requiring a very good computer to iterate sufficiently to draw any picture such as the famous Mandelbrot Set.

      • There is an interesting way that could fit with a theorem I ran across.

        If you take two matching sheets of graph paper and lay them on top of the other in a point for point correlation and then take the top sheet and crumple it into a ball and set it on top of the lower sheet. This theorem proves that SOME point on the crumpled sheet will still vertically align with a point on the lower sheet.

        I’ll look up the name of it. Currently it escapes me.

        Anyway, perhaps GEOMETRY is actually space and the universes are just crumpled and/or nested versions that are layered upon it.

      • Well if we consider that the base piece of paper as pure geometry and true “space” then the crumpled sheet of paper could be a Universe. Then you could crumple plenty of other sheets of paper and stack them. The same theorem applies. Each crumpled sheet would align with at at least one point on ultimate geometry.

        But there is no point for point alignment.

        But from inside each crumpled sheet there it would FEEL like there is point for point alignment because each point can be found.

        This notion helps me understand the whole “bundled dimension” thing better. Or at least I think it does.

        And that’s the dangerous part. Self delusion.

      • If we use the mindfulness model and invest time and energy then we possibly be more aware of our assumptions as they pop up and so avoid self delusion. On the other hand, maybe not. I currently see myself and my place in the universe no less than a tree or a star but no more as well. I see myself as an ant in the ant hill no less and no more. I have a place in the scheme (scheme=another assumption) of things and finding balance and self worth for that is my current occupation. As mentioned elsewhere, I feel that as gods and creators go, if there are such things underpinning existence, then I am no more and no less than a sense organ; the eyes, ears, nose and throat of God.

      • What I like about the iteration and about other cellular automata (see New Kind of Science) is that it provides discretely, by one point at a time, the graphics that evolve from its repetition. Like our world, the sets created by fractal iteration are recursive and self similar. The ramifications of this are astounding to me as they can account for our perception or possibly conception of 3 dimensions, of time, for the way plants grow, and even for why man cannot learn from history. The Mandelbrot Set might be the thumbprint of God.

      • And the image looks strangely like a reclining Maitreya. The chubby buddha who is supposed to be coming.

        But THAT is merely my mind creating meaning out of patterns.

      • For me to see a graphic design and a mechanic for that graphic design that can provide a model for how the tip of a young shoot of wheat has germinated and grows is a revelation of huge proportions in my world. In your words, GASSHO REI. Thank you William and Phil.

      • Thanks for the new inspiration. I’ll look into these points.

        One point that was eliminated from our world was the Pythagoreans.

        I wonder what kind of world we would have if they weren’t obliterated and their cult was allowed to replicate and evolve.

      • Possibly by now we would have cell phones, space flight, and magnetic resonance imaging? Or maybe we would have warp drive? haha It’s hard to imagine what the lack of an iteration has failed to produce!

    • A great book on Memetics is “Virus of the Mind.” Blackmore also has a book I haven’t read yet.

      She got blasted by Gould with the claim that memetics is pseudo science. I think Gould is wrong. Memetics is very testable and observable.

      I think perhaps, him dissing may have been a PR play to spawn research.

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