Phil Fable – Street Preaching Flossing Fanatic

Phil stood on the street corner of Denver preaching to the crowd. As passers by went hither and yon, he handed them a small flier with the simple title “The Truth” and a free box of dental floss.

“Floss I say! YOU FALLEN dental sinners! Floss! Do you think you can avoid the hell of tooth decay? Right now your mouth is a cesspool of bacteria intent on consuming your enamel! What say ye?”

Phil held up a picture of a mouth of rotted teeth from the book.


People watched in amusement. Some took video as Phil preached while holding a 1950s Dentistry textbook in  a dramatic street preacher’s pose.

“You sir! You in the red. DId you floss today?”

The man, laughing, happily played along and acted with a faux contrite repentance.

“No, sir I am … GUILTY. I only brushed.”

“SINNER!” screamed Phi playing off the man’s great stage presence. “Do you want fucking ugly teeth? Come forward and say the Fallen Flosser’s Flagellation! Now repeat after me …”

The man came forward. Phil put his hand on his shoulder and raised his hand to the sky.

“I a scumbag non-flosser.”

“I a SCUMBAG non-flosser” screamed the man into the sky his hands to the air on his knee.

“Will floss my fucking fangs.”

“Will floss my FUCKING fangs”

“Twice a day!”

“Twice a day!”



“Or rot my teeth!”

“Or rot my teeth!”

“So help me me!”

“So help me me!”

“Here, sir is your free box of dental floss and the truth itself! Go and freely floss forever.”

He handed him the dental flsss along with the flyer with “The Truth” on the front of it.

The man walked away and went up a skyscraper to work. Once there, he opened the pamphlet up still smiling from the fun below and read it.


“The ultimate truth of reality can be LAUGHED. It can be DANCED. It can be FELT. It can BE. But you can never ever be written down, even in a Dentistry textbook.

So learn to laugh the truth. Dance the truth! Feel the truth. Be the truth.

Let these be the oracles of your soul.”


He smiled. Softly. Sincerely.

He looked at his dental floss, got online and booked the Swing Dancing class he had been promising his wife.

6 thoughts on “Phil Fable – Street Preaching Flossing Fanatic

  1. Lately I go to my friends Chris or Vinaire´s blogs, read their comments, and have nothing to add to them, not even a comma, so I stand silent. I´m inside an immense void. It´s been months now.

    I see their comments as if they were mine, I even forgot their names when I tried to write them in this comment, as if they were my name only.

    Same thing happens to me here, I read and enjoy your stuff but have nothing to comment. Nothing to add to it, not even a comma. Now a need has appeared to break this silence.

    I spent 50 years trying to find the meaning of life, only to discover that all the meaning it could have was exactly the one I could give to it, so I happily focused on giving meaning to my life to discover again that any meaning I could give it, no matter which, would allways fall short of giving me any real insight of life or even myself.

    So for some time it seemed I had reached some kind of enlightenment, the treasure at the end of the rainbow seemed to be at hand, the goal sign was finally at sight, but all the somethingness I could create out of diverse meanings, which seemed to enrich my life, would loose its value once it had become real. It would start looking ugly to me, solid, fixed, the end of the cycle, the stop sign becoming more and more visible. The state of joy was actually an empty carcass I had been deluding myself with.

    So I started to invert my viewpoint ooooonce again, this time from all the somethingnesses into all the nothingnesses, had to get rid of my need of somethingness, and create an acceptance and even a desire and a liking for nothingness…….and also stop worrying if that is the correct way to go.

    Besides the point that it goes against all our education and instincts, there is no direction one can point to, when trying to go into the nothingness.
    Cannot even reach for nothingness,…… but one can withdraw from the somethingnesses!

    Funny,…… there is nothing to find there!! Ha,ha!! But getting rid of all the somethingnesses is not making me feel less rich, I actually feel more comfortable and free…….seems that freedom vanishes in the direction of somethingness and that absolute freedom could only exist in total nothingness…….infinite possibilities also seem to spring out of it, and logically it is the only place from which a full start could be possible………..the end of the rainbow is again at sight!!!!!
    ……Or maybe the begining!!!……..

    This might again be my last words before the next period of silence, which could turn out to be infinitely big or small, in the meantime, I send a big hug for my friends Chris, Vin, and KG.

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