Phil Fable – Letters to Strangers

She walked into the coffee shop, got her brew and sat down. Across the room was a stranger writing on a piece of stationary. After about ten minutes, the stranger walked up to her handed her the stationary in a sealed envelope.

“My name is Phil, this is for you. Have a great life.”

He walked out the door and was gone.

The woman opened the hand written letter. The man in the chair next to gave her a WTF look as she started reading.

“Hello, I’m a stranger you will probably never meet again. Often people wonder how they appear to strangers. I know I spend a lot of time in my life primping myself to look good to strangers. So anyway, here is how I, a perfect stranger, see you.”

“You have stunning hair and a great sense of style with it. It’s the best part of your appearance. Your taste in shoes is avant guard.  Your appearance is cute enough to attract a lot of people naturally. If I was looking for a girl, I would have no qualms asking you out. I’m not though. My life is a little too complicated for that. And believe me, that’s not a ‘mystery man’ schtick to convince you to go out with me.

“I don’t do schtick or play games with people. That’s my secret weapon.”

“The dominant emotion you appear to be displaying to our world right now is nervousness. So I don’t know what, if anything, is bothering you. But you seem nervous right now. Other than that, you seem like you are intelligent, mostly happy, and living a life worthy of richness and meaning.

“You took great care in crafting your personal message in your appearance today. You seem together, reasonable, competent and not one to miss out on either the micro or macro elements of life. You seem to me to handle those different elements well. I also see a lot of playfulness in you in the way you use your eyes as you scanned the crowd.”

“You seem to handling the stress I see right now with courage and dignity. But know this one thing. You are beautiful, uniquely. And TODAY, just seeing you made my day brighter. Seeing you choose to put your best self forward lifts ME up. When I am sad today or angry, I will think of your sense of style and the smile you gave the cashier to change my mood. Tomorrow, I will find another human to inspire me. But for today, IT’S YOU! Anyway, that’s what this human thinks of you from across the coffee house.”

“Goodbye and Cheers!”

She got up, walked to the door and looked outside holding the letter. But he was gone. She noticed that there was a slight smell of ozone in the air.

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