Bodhisattva Phil Gets Outed

Phil was in Target waiting on the manager to come approve his return.

A couple of Buddhist monks walked by with groceries for the temple.

One stopped and looked at Phil. His saffron robes swirled as he turned toward him.

He just stared.

“I don’t know why I’m staring at this man,” he said to his fellow monks.

Phil asked him, “Can I help you?”

The monk, following instinct, pointed at the A-11 wristwatch.

“Ksitigarbha’s … wish … fulfilling … jewel.”

Phil face showed no patience. “Monk’s cheesy, saffron robe. Don’t you have some incense to go light up?”

The monk stammered like a fanboy, “I will not attain enlightenment until every hell is empty. That is your vow.”

“Weirdos,” said Phil as he waited for the manager.

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