Thirty Seconds of Phil

The game was awful. Phil’s team was down seven runs and they were at bat at the bottom of the last inning, with the worst batter up.

A player popped a gum bubble with his tongue and turned to Phil.

“Do you read the Hitchhiker’s Guide Series?”

“Only the book, the radio shows, TV shows, Movie, the extended radio shows, Douglass Adam’s personal reading of the series to a live audience … every fan site ever … why?”


Phil got quiet. Too quiet.


“What’s the question? The ultimate question of Life the Universe and Everything?”

“STRIKE THREE!” went the Umpire.

Phil got up to congratulate the other team and said over his shoulder.

“You will be shocked. Do you really want it?”

The player nodded.”

“What is the meaning of this question?”

“42,” answered the player.

“Wait a minute,” he continued. “I SAY IT’S ICE CREAM SOCIALS!”

Phil tipped his baseball cap and winked.

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