Phil’s Secret Prayer Life

He woke up and looked out side his window. He put in his ear piece and thought a message to Cassandra.

“What Universe am I in Cassy?”

In another Universe, in another timeline, the message came to Cassandra’s life sequence. Even though both she and Phil were in completely different realities with different rates of time and completely different physics, their communications always worked in sequence.

“You are in your root universe.”

Phil smiled.

“It felt like root,” he said.

He got up, peed, wiped the seat and went down to start the day. As he waked down the wooden stairs he thought aloud.

“Time always feels the same no matter how fast or slowly it goes. The experience of identity almost always syncs with sequence.”

He paused.

“Did a million universes just rise and fall in that second?” he thought.

He started some hot water in the kettle. He then walked into the living room. As the water heated, he performed his daily “Hot Water Kettle” prayer.

He stood with his hand held out. He thought of every life form in every universe and bowed his head to them. He bowed to the parasites, the autotrophs, the predators, the photo and chemically synthetic life forms and to other kinds of life he never knew of, like those who feed off of time and space …

“I ask you all to help me be free. Some of you will try and eat me or dominate me today, especially you viruses, bacteria and all-powerful deities, but I want you to grant me your innate desire and permission to attain freedom. I know at some level, you want me free as I want you free. So to that impulse I appeal.”

He waited and practiced feeling the hidden intention of all life for freedom. As his body registered the feeling, he felt peaceful and empowered.

The the kettle whistled to indicate the prayer time was over. “Enough of the woo-woo shit!” he declared.

He thought again to Cassy.

“Do you know why I pray?”

“You never told me,” she replied.

“It’s not because I think it’s true. But I just get a kick when I look at a squirrel and think ‘I prayed for THAT being to help me be free today and agreed to help free IT by the way I live my life, and for some reason, it fucking makes me happy.”

“Okay,” so why tell me now?

“In case I meet a real asshole deity today and you can’t regenerate me.”

“You are not seeing my eye roll, but it IS here I ASSURE YOU,” replied Cassandra.

“Oh, but I feel it. I feel it. And I know it has at some level it wants me to win.”

“God, you’re fucking weird.”

“Back at you sweetie, I know it’s bullshit but you know what?”


It’s MY bullshit.

5 thoughts on “Phil’s Secret Prayer Life

  1. Freedom is an interesting concept in that it is infinitely defined in terms of context. I live life thinking I know what that means because of reified concepts. If we look at the Mandelbrot set and noticed that not all points calculated fall within the set but rather tend away then we can graph freedom. But in practice, how much freedom is the right amount of freedom. How few barriers are too few barriers?

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