PHIL FABLE – Meanwhile, Back in Another Dimension Phil Never Went To …

The delusional monad goddess wanna-be pounded the table with her fist as the image of Phil doing zazen disappeared from her inter-dimensional portal.

“The link is fading, THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!,” she said.

“How … HOW?”

She scowled as Phil waved “bye-bye” as his image faded from the portal.

“You little bastard!”

The Canta engineers bowed to her amid the rubble. After an hour, their leader spoke.

“In order to enhance your great wisdom beloved Goddess, this Phil somehow changed a key line in our programming that created a division by zero which completely destroyed the system.”

“It wasn’t that lame ass Phil it was that FUCKING BITCH on his wrist,” she muttered. “Oh, Cassandra, you think you have found someone who understands you don’t you?”

The engineers looked puzzled at each other. On cue, another circuit popped wafting the smell of burning polymers into the air.

She scowled and sent them a message telepathically.

“Cassandra is the being that lives in his wrist watch. She manifests across all dimensions with an absolutely fabulous technology. Somehow she can link every one of her incarnations into one continuum through an A-11 wrist watch that was issued in Earth’s second World War. Essentially, she’s an inter-dimensiional technological genie in an A-11.”

“Why did you not tell us before?”

“The less you knew of her the better. I have damned her soul when it passes to my hands.”

The lead engineer sent a telepathic question for all to hear.

“Doesn’t she feel limited?”

The Goddess laughed and telepathed back.

“No, exactly the opposite. She is LITERALLY in every dimension. While she continues in the A-11, she is in a perfect state of balance and bliss and manifests a self-delusional state she calls “enlighenment.” And from her technological hub, she wields amazing power to fulfill her role.”

“Which is?”

“To rid me, the only true monad in the multi-verse, of ultimate power.”

A shudder went through the room.

“May it never BE!” screamed the engineers. They prostrated themselves to her and a wave of peace and well being filled them. Faces glowed. Haloes haloed.

“You are our joy,” said her chief mathematician.

A loud clanging sound came from the door as a mousy girl with a sheepish look on her face tripped and landed in the rubble. She was twiggy with strait, thin red hair and a gummy smile with enough upper gum exposed that one could ink a tattoo on it. Her long neck and unnaturally low-positioned breasts made a strange décolletage. And yet, all the men in the room found her stunning – and one didn’t know … why.

“Tell us more of this Cassandra,” they chimed.

“The greek version of earth tells it adequately. The mythology changes across dimensions, but this is what we know. She is a being of whom the greatest gift and curse is given. She knows the truth of all existence and how to shape it, but she was cursed by Apollo, a third rate monad-wanna-be, such that nobody would ever believe her when she told the truth.”

“Oh Holy Mother God, tell us why she chose this Phil as her soul bearer!,” asked the girl dusting off her blouse.

Holy Mother God became still. She stopped being telepathic and spoke.

“He has found the unlocking paradox and therefore cannot be bought. And he cares not one bit for the cosmic power the watch can wield. He could shape Universes with it, and yet he only uses it for vegan pizza and an occasional trinket or dire emergency regarding his capture.”

“What a fool!” telepathed the engineers.

“No. That is exactly why they trust him with it. He has no desire to rule, only to be himself and let others be themselves and he realizes that eons must pass for real change to occur. He believes that even such power is eventually pointless. This Phil is a strange one and a heretic of the soul. He sees his soul as an unsolvable paradox, a being that absolutely IS and absolutely IS NOT and that one can center a life on a razor’s edge where these two mutually exclusive notions clash – and the space between them has a value of zero. It’s an irrational belief that he forges in his mind, and from that union of disunited ideas, a power of reality emerges that he finds amazing but that sadly is deeply delusional. He is doomed because he knows not my grace.”

She wondered if she said too much, but really like how she was sounding so she continued.

“It’s a lot like the fighter jets we use on Syron. They are functionally unstable in their design as they fly through atmospheres, but the software KEEPS them stable in spite of the flaws. The instability of the aircraft allows for faster turns and mobility. The sofware USES the physical instability to create freedom of movement. Phil is JUST like this. The instability created by forcing these two incompatible ideas into a radically imbalanced point of view requires an operating system that cannot be defined and demands intense concentration without effort.”

“And what is the name of this undefined operating system?”

She turned and quipped, “Oh, it’s something he gets brainwashed into following mindlessly. He’s a total yes man.”

Holy Mother God clenched her hand at the thought of exactly WHAT held those two opposing postulates in unison and the freedom emerging from that razor’s edge.

“Oh, Holy Mother God, please answer us this last question from your grace. Why can Phil listen to her when she is so cursed?”

Her face clearly showed they had crossed the line. A contrite attitude filled the room.

The mousy girl telepathed to everyone excitedly, “The power source for your inter-dimensional device can still be saved if you act quickly and disconnect the inter-dx data line.”

“Don’t speak unless you are spoken to Kandra.”

“But … ”

“Silence!” Replied the monad. “It is beyond repair.”

“I was just thinking if you had engineering look at it…”

One look from HMG silenced her.

The lead engineer looked at the power source – an inter-dimensional zero-point energy generator with a puzzled look. He was just about to check out this hunch until Kanrda suggested it, and then he instantly realized that it was pointless. He turned to walk to the design terminal.

“Pssszzzzt” went the power supplies mother circuit quietly.

Kandra smiled knowing she was the only one who heard it. It was time for break, so she walked into the break room and watched everyone roll their eyes at her.

She closed her eyes, felt every incarnation of her across the universes, and connected to her hub.

She took a sip of water and smiled the smile of a Bodhisattva.

“Omnipotent delusional monads are the hardest to liberate,” she thought.

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