Two Coffees

Two rather bookish students sat across from each other at a Starbucks. One, an Atheist, was reading a thumb worn “Mere Christianity. The other, a Christian, was reading a bookmarked web site called “The Skeptics Annotated Bible.”

The Atheist just lost his mother, a devout Christian, who wanted her son to know the Lord more than anything.

The Christian just lost her father to lung cancer. He was a Physicist at the local University who was always hoping for her to trust her own mind over the tenets of religion.

The Atheist was reviewing C.S. Lewis’ logic regarding the identity of Christ. Lewis asserts that Jesus was either one of three choices: an insane teacher, a Liar, or the Son of God himself.

He had been pondering the question and Lewis’ oft-quoted logic for weeks. Inside his being, at his very core, he FELT that God loves him. He strongly held that Lewis’ logic was sound and that Lewis was a very learned man.

“Lewis repented of his Atheism and accepted that Jesus was Christ.” He whispered.

He bowed his head.

“Lord Jesus, I accept you as my savior. Come into my heart.”

He got up and thought, “Life is going to be so different not that I’m a believer.”

The Christian girl across from was reviewing the Scripture Deuteronomy 18:22 in The Skeptics Annotated Bible which says:

“When a prophet speaks in the name of the lord and that thing follows not nor cometh to pass, that is a thing that the lord has not spoken, but the prophet has spoken it presumptively. Thou shalt not fear him.”

She pondered the prophesy of Tyre in Ezekiel which claimed unequivocally that the city would be destroyed at the time of Nebuchanezzer, but still survives today.  She read the standard answers given by Bible apologists.

“These are arrogant and dodgy,” she whispers. “The Bible fails the test of prophesy by its own definition, I need not fear its teachings. I’ve been wrong. Needing Jesus to go to heaven is all bullshit.”

She took a sip of black coffee.

“Life is going to be so different not that I’m a non-believer.”

They both gathered their books and left – never meeting eyes.

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