So, Are You Ready to Convert?

Two female College Students, on an atheist and the other a Christian, were at lunch in a Student Union Building.

“So tell me, Ms. I-Don’t-Need-God. What would it take to convert you?

“Okay. She said, I’ll snap my fingers and if there is a peal of thunder on this clear sunny day, a screech of a cat, a person needing a dollar and someone reciting ‘War and Peace’ within 60 seconds after, I’ll convert.”

“God doesn’t play games,” said her friend.


A thundering sound of an out-of-control piano coming thundering down the stairs.
From the center of the storm, a friend laughs and says “It’s the best of times and the worst of times Elrod.” A phone rings and the ringtone is the sound of a screeching cat.

Elrod answers from the stairs.

“Hi Sid.”

“Yeah that noise was me … Yeah … uh-huh …. Well, my hand slipped … SID! … Okay … fine … I kinda figured that.

Elrod hangs up the phone while the atheist gawked. The Christian’s eyes were glued to the second hand on the wall clock.

“I’m fired. Sid heard the thunder of the piano across the building,” said Elrod.

The piano was in bad shape.

Elrod’s friend was saddened. He went to the vending machine to get a drink for his unlucky friend. Out of change, he turns to the atheist.

Could you spare a dollar?

“The time is 59 Seconds! God is seldom early but he is never …”

The Christian turned her head to her friend.


She looked triumphant and the Atheist just smiled and said, “WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED?”

“You said it. God wouldn’t play games, and that was no thunder. It was a piano.”

The Christian cried. Tears streamed down in disbelief.

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