A Thought Experiment

There are two different universes with two completely different types of physics. Universe #1 does NOT allow for psychic abilities that cannot be detected by science, and Universe #2 DOES allow psychic abilities to exist that cannot be detected by science.

In both universes’ timelines on parallel planets and stages, a slave names “Mara” was put on an auction block and sold to plantation owners on February 14, 1830 and forever separated from a mother she loved dearly.


A hot, Southern Sweet Potato Queen named Tammy stands at the historical exhibit where the stave trades used to happen.  It’s February, 14 2012. A strange feeling overcomes her and a phrase sounds in her head and sees the image of an African woman standing on a block being sold as a slave. As the gavel sounds. She sees her looking at her mother, sobbing and mouthing the phrase “Mother, I love you” before being separated from her forever.

Tammy is SHOCKED and experiences a rush in her body. It feels deeply like the event is real and an appeal for her to fight for human rights. But in this universe, it was only her body creating a delusion.

Because such events happen in such large numbers, this is a case where she experienced an event that FELT psychic but it wasn’t EVEN THOUGH IT WAS STILL RIGHT IN EVERY DETAIL.

Meanwhile back in UNIVERSE #2 …

The same thing happens but this is actually a psychic event because this Universe allows Psychics even though they cannot be proven by experiment. In this case, Tammy has the exact same experience.

QUESTION: If both Tammys felt the same, and neither knew with 100% certainty if their Universe allowed for Psychic events, in what ways can Tammy view the experience and use it to improve her life and world?

For those of you who do not know the Sweet Potato Queens,  they are a delightfully tacky group of women and men, who got so big and obnoxious they got too big for the parade that spawned them.

And yeah, I’ve fallen for the “Sweet Potato Queen Promise!” more than once.


11 thoughts on “A Thought Experiment

      • Because it feels just like Universe #1.

        Imagine James Randi’s view of the Universe. He never sees Psychic events and he has tested a lot of them. Now he doesn’t say they absolutely don’t exist, because you cannot prove a negative. So from his point of view, psychic events “may” occur (he stoutly denies this, but is open to evidence) but if so, they disappear when measured.

        So both Universes feel the same, except in one the EXPERIENCE of a Psychic event is based on a real psychic reality and the EXPERIENCE of a non-Psychic event is based on a misplaced belief. These two both presume the event in question is not observed under controlled circumstances.

  1. I am trying to understand your premises better but I can’t get a feel for how I am supposed to experience each of the universes. What am I allowed to be real and what is not real.

    I was talking with my son yesterday morning over breakfast about my inability to visualize black-hole vortex. Meaning the black hole looks the same from every angle or not?

    • The universes feels just like THIS one.

      You go outside and get a funny feeling. You go right instead of left because your intuition tells you to.

      You find out later, a gang was murdering anyone who went left.

      Now, in one universe, this was purely natural. No psychic event occurred but it FELT psychic.

      In the other, it was a “spiritual” or “psychic” event.

      In either Universe, one cannot pass the James Randi Educational Foundation’s million dollar challenge on doing such event on demand.

  2. James Randi’s bet is hedged by offering money for something which doesn’t exist in the form as he states the questions and in the form in which we all seem to want it to. As I understand the process, it is two step. An initial qualifying step in the field followed by a second laboratory controlled verification step. I understand that no one has passed the first step yet. If this were a Madison Avenue-type survey, you could bet any amount that there isn’t going to be anyone showing up with psychic abilities. Maybe you cannot prove a negative but you sure can survey for the lack of its existence and I believe he has made his point.

    Is this related to the OP?

    • That is the EXACT OP.

      Randi has shown conclusively, that if psychic events exist, then they must exist outside of observation.

      He has shown that delusion, and cognitive dissonance clearly exists when it comes to psychic phenomenon. But that still doesn’t negate it, because you cannot prove a negative.

      Often, people will fail and then blame him for rigging the test. Or they will agree at first that it failed and then in a few days come back to their original beliefs and then blame him.

      So, the point of the post is that there is some “space” for such things to occur. Whether or not they do is not detectable.

      Hence, for the sake of the experiment in one universe – they happen outside of structured observation. In another – they don’t.

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