Wheat Grass is Cheap Ass Chlorophyl

I find that Wheat Grass shots turbo-charge my energy and help reduce cravings for fatty foods.

To juice wheat grass you need an auger juicer. Sadly, there is nothing cheap ass about an auger juicer. I found mine for $ 250.00. You can find them on ebay and Craigs List. There also are hand-crank auger juicers you can get for under fifty bucks, but … they suck. I had one and the are a LOT of work, but they will do the job if your budget it tight.

The Jack LaLayne Juicer, Juiceman Juicer and other types are good for carrots, and fruit but they SUCK for leafy greens.


1. Buy wheat grass seed.

2. Get a box you can water.

3. Add some dirt and compost.

4. Smother the surface with wheat grass seeds.

5. Water it.

6. Keep watering it every day.

Eight days till wheat grass.

HOW TO HARVEST: Use a serrated knife and cut yourself a bowl full. Think of “moving the grass.” A bowl full will make two shots of wheat grass juice.

A shot is all you need. Trust me.  And you will want some kind of chaser. I juice ginger root so the punch of the ginger takes out some of the grassiness.

After that, there is no cost cuz … well … grass is free.

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