What if Your Soul is an Unsolvable Mathematical Paradox?

I had a flash of insight this morning while replying to a post.

WARNING: Flashes of insight are usually wrong. Often, in fact the bigger the flash, the more blatant the epic fail.

That said, this is pure bullshit and I know it. But speculation sometimes creates … useful things.

But, for the sake of discussion:

What if EACH soul is a unique, unsolvable mathematical paradox? Something akin to blending the liar’s paradox and barber’s paradox mixed with two parts irrational number, one part imaginary number, a dollop of Gödel, a tablespoon of “Mu,” a dash of hyperbole, and two cups of infinity and zero?

Of course, each soul would have a free room at the Hilbert Hotel for the annual SoulCon Convention.

Could such a soul inhabit meat? Could evolution create meat wads capable of holding a facsimile of such a soul without actually having it?

3 thoughts on “What if Your Soul is an Unsolvable Mathematical Paradox?

  1. hahaha! Yes, “what if?” But do we need to jump off that cliff yet?

    First, does mathematics need to be the source of all reality or could it be simply the language to describe what and how reality is?

    Second, I’m not sure we are on the same page about paradox. Squaring a circle is not an example of a paradox for me. Neither is the Liar’s Paradox. AND Looking to Lewis Carroll for help with logic seems flawed at its root, but let’s take a look. There are several flaws in the Barbershop Paradox so maybe people were just more gullible or couldn’t think in 1894? I dunno but using the criteria given, Uncle Joe wants to claim that Carr HAS to be in yet he ignores the possibilities that Carr could be out; Brown could be out and Allen could be in. Also that the shop could be closed. Also the statement that “if Carr is out and ‘if Allen is out then Brown is in’ and ‘if Allen is out then Brown is out’ would both be true at the same time” is just plain wrong. I’m not sure why this is used as an example of a paradox.

    Finally, statements like “Boy is Girl” are nonsense and are not paradoxical. A good paradox such as “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” are thought provoking and can lead to actual answers such as “the egg.”

  2. And as an aside, thank you for your kind words and for being the first to post on “my blog” (haha) it is not really a blog and I didn’t know anyone could see it but you managed to post there. I dunno if running a blog is for me. It seems like a tremendous amount of work. You have put a helluva lot into this one and still find time to blog elsewhere… we’ll see in the future.

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