Gods, a Gal, and a Dog

Apollo turned to Mars. “This Universe sucks. Let’s try alternate earth # 8,345,458.”

They looked at their wrist devices, aligned the coordinates and instantly appeared in earth # 8,345,458.

Apollo continued in his god-ness of awesome.”No this isn’t it either. There has to be a way to gain lordship over reality ITSELF. Every theory set continues to open new theory sets.”

Mars looked at him confidently. “If you can figure it out, I can win it all.”

Apollo smiled. “I know. And you know I want it all. The Universes NEED me to have it all for peace and order and true love to prevail.”

Mars checked out his equipment. He didn’t want to have to rebuild it from scratch like they did on earth # 3,451,021.

Apollo and Mars stared into the world at nighttime, looking at the present moment for three full seconds. With disgust, Apollo smashed his fists together.

“I will master this,” he said. He felt his inter-dimentional device and discovered that the surface was nicked but still functional. He saw the earth’s moon on the water of the lake.

Across the planet a woman with a shaved head sat down on a cushion. She stared into the horizon in Zazen and let it hold her everything and nothing. She saw the moon and its reflection in the pond. But she couldn’t see its reflection in her eyes. She sat there doing Zazen and Kinhin, off and on, for the entire night.

Less than a mile away, a dog howled at the full moon. As he howled, he sat in the cool night and felt the present moment. And not knowing why, he let it hold his everything and nothing in silence for a full minute.

And then the howling began again. And it chased the moon across the sky and gave the nun the slightest of smiles for the entire evening.

But Apollo and Mars left long before the howling began.

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