“What? … What?”


A Christian College group was a very close knit fellowship. They met to pray, read the Bible and support each other in their Christian walk.

One of their best came from a very poor background. But every time someone needed help he was there. If anyone needed prayer, he prayed. If anyone needed food, he would give them his food and himself go hungry. When someone was deeply saddened or troubled, he spent whatever time required helping them through it.

He never talked about his own needs.

One day, one of his friends overheard the young man’s mother say on the phone that he didn’t have enough food or money to go back to school in the next semester, let alone eat for the next week.

That Wednesday night at a home-based Bible study, the leader stood up and made an announcement.

“Brothers and sisters before we go outside to play Volleyball, I want to say, we have a friend in Christ with a deep financial need. I have placed a basket in the garage. If you are so inclined, please sneak into the garage and give what you can. Many of you have already come forward and I want to thank you. So before you leave tonight, if God leads you put some money in for our friend please do so.

“Now let’s play Volleyball!”

They all left “to play volleyball” but actually ran around the house into the garage and waited.

Sure enough, the door to the garage opened and there he was sneaking in with  his last nine dollars and fifty cents in hand …

He beheld a sea of loving eyes with the leader holding a basket full of money. He was clearly clueless as to what was going on. The leader held out to him the basket as a gift but he mistook it as a request for a donation so he put his money in.

“It’s all I have today. I hope it helps. Here.”

The leader stared at him and shoved the basket into his chest with a thud.

“We aren’t letting you go that easy.”

He looked up puzzled beyond belief and stammered …

“What? … What?”

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