My Working Soul Proof That Sucks


A straight line is a stacking of points such that when viewed isometrically results in a view of a line or a solitary point. 
Points are interchangeable with each other yet each has a unique “root” position it calls home.
The division of zero is the source of illogic. 
Excluding the division of zero is the source of logic. 


A point is that which has no part – Euclid

An impossible thing has no part. 

Therefore an impossible thing is a point. 

If a soul is an impossible thing, it is a point. 


The number of points on a line is infinite. 

The number of points in a plane is infinite and the same number as those in a line (per Georg Cantor.)

The number of points in an X,Y,Z axis is the same infinity as that of the line (per Georg Cantor.)

Since the line, plane and X,Y,Z  axis have the same number of points in each of their domains, the root home of a unique point may or may not be in different places. 

Therefore, some points may have no one fixed location in spacial dimension. 

If a soul is a point, it may have no fixed address in spacial dimension. 



Mathematics and geometry depends upon division by zero be undefined. 

When division by zero is undefined, a math evolves that cannot be illogical and cannot create illogic. 

Dividing by zero creates the ability to make illogical math logical. 

Dividing by zero creates the ability to make logical reasoning logical and prove the same logic that is logical by excluding zeros division 

Therefore logical math is a subset of illogical math.




Kurt Gödel’s 14 Points Discussion

I’ve wanted to start a discussion on Kurt Gödel’s 14 points. What you like. What you don’t. Why?

Ready? Go.

Here are his 14 points:

  1. The world is rational.
  2. Human reason can, in principle, be developed more highly (through certain techniques).
  3. There are systematic methods for the solution of all problems (also art, etc.).
  4. There are other worlds and rational beings of a different and higher kind.
  5. The world in which we live is not the only one in which we shall live or have lived.
  6. There is incomparably more knowable a priori than is currently known.
  7. The development of human thought since the Renaissance is thoroughly intelligible (durchaus einsichtige).
  8. Reason in mankind will be developed in every direction.
  9. Formal rights comprise a real science.
  10. Materialism is false.
  11. The higher beings are connected to the others by analogy, not by composition.
  12. Concepts have an objective existence.
  13. There is a scientific (exact) philosophy and theology, which deals with concepts of the highest abstractness; and this is also most highly fruitful for science.
  14. Religions are, for the most part, bad– but religion is not.

I Am Second

There are two kinds of atheists in the world: 1. Those that don’t believe in God and 2. Those that don’t believe in God but know that position is unprovable, and are intellectually honest enough to take into account that the Abrahamic God may have a potential to exist in this or other Universes. The same goes for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Bigfoot and Zeus.

And that it is our duty to use science to FIND him (NOTE: lower cased “h”), subdue him, bring him to justice for crimes against humanity, and keep him from harming himself and others.

Which one am I? Well …

I Am Second.


And we aint scared.

Deleted Reply on Facebook Ten Years in the Making

This sound bite has been evolving for years in my shower. Today, I just let it go and my fingers released it on Facebook. It was a reply to a religious post. I then deleted it after some thought.

Here it is. To set the scene, imagine a large number of people having a great Christian worship service with a hot young man singing about his Bible…

My reply:

“Feels so foreign to me now. I don’t know why I’m the happiest I have ever been without God, but I am. Before I gave up Christ, I was lost. I was steeped in a mindset that was made up for me. Now that I’ve embraced freedom of mind, I find that the Universe is bigger and stranger and more marvelous then I have ever dreamed. I read the Bible and find that its God to be a genocidal, gene-torturing*, monomaniacal, misanthropic, homophobic, misogynistic, totalitarian madman who threatens me with a hell unless I kneel, eat my Jesus cookie, and beg forgiveness. 

Judgement Day for me has already happened. And the God of the Bible isn’t worthy of MY presence. 

And if he exists after all, our job is to subdue him and institutionalize him so he won’t be a harm to himself and others. We shouldn’t send him to a hell though. 

That would have us stoop to his level.”


(*) Gene-torture is a word I made up. 

Cassandra Fable – Skeptics Pseudoscience Contest

The local skeptics group offered up a Pseudoscience contest. The goal was to raise the awareness of Pseudoscience in the community and its dangers. Each participant was to create the BEST bullshit science project they could and try to convince the committee that their notions has merit.

It was like a Science Fair Costume party – of sorts.

Cassandra had a table. On her right was the “Atheist Dowser” designed so extreme Muslim authorities can find Atheists attempting to leave the country and instead send them for execution.

Cassandra’s exhibit had only a free standing poster.

My Batshit Argument for the Soul Creating Reality – Cassandra Willoughby

Part 1
1. “A point is that which has no part.” – Euclid
2. “Impossible things have no part.”
3. “Therefore any impossible thing is a point.”
4. “If the soul is impossible, then the soul is a point.”

Part 2
1. “All points are interchangeable and can correlate.”
2 “The number of points in a line is infinite and is Aleph 0,” per Georg Cantor.
3. “The number of points in a plane or 3 dimensional space and plane equals the same infinity of that just of the line which is Aleph 0.
4. “Since one, two and three dimensions all correlate point for point, and points are equal and interchangeable, then there is no place in 3 D space where a point can be non-correlated by other points.”
5. “Therefore a point’s existence is not dependent upon dimension. yet defines dimension in Euclidian Geometry.”

Part 3.
1. “If a soul is impossible, it is a point.”  – Part 1
2. “A point is not dependent upon dimension, yet defines dimension. – Part 2.
3. “Therefore if a soul is impossible, it creates dimension.”


A judge walked by and commented on her exhibit.

“Hmm. Nice, but I have to say I DO USE Guano when I grow my Orchids in my greenhouse so this guano DOES have some use. I also can COMPOST your sign and you didn’t factor that into your design. You will not place today. Right now, the leader is your friend with the Atheist Dowser for Extreme Muslims.”

“It’s an honor just to participate,” smiled Cassandra.