Some Really Cool Sacred Geometry Woo-Woo.

I posted the first version of this on Facebook, but there has been a lot of new content added by the author.

Pretty cool stuff. But REALLY extreme claims by the creators.

I suggest sifting out the claims and enjoying the interesting stuff here.

Or as School House Rock says …

“Number Niiiiiiine … will put you on the spot.”

WARNING: They run straight to boring at first, but after a minute or so it gets  very interesting.

Song of the Grass Roof Hermitage – Shitou Xiqian (700-790)

I’ve built a grass hut where there’s nothing of value.
After eating, I relax and enjoy a nap.
When it was completed, fresh weeds appeared.
Now it’s been lived in – covered by weeds.

The person in the hut lives here calmly,
Not stuck to inside, outside, or in between.
Places worldly people live, he doesn’t live.
Realms worldly people love, he doesn’t love.

Though the hut is small, it includes the entire world.
In ten square feet, an old man illumines forms and their nature.
A Great Vehicle bodhisattva trusts without doubt.
The middling or lowly can’t help wondering;
Will this hut perish or not?

Perishable or not, the original master is present,
not dwelling south or north, east or west.
Firmly based on steadiness, it can’t be surpassed.
A shining window below the green pines –
Jade palaces or vermilion towers can’t compare with it.

Just sitting with head covered, all things are at rest.
Thus, this mountain monk doesn’t understand at all.
Living here he no longer works to get free.
Who would proudly arrange seats, trying to entice guests?

Turn around the light to shine within, then just return.
The vast inconceivable source can’t be faced or turned away from.
Meet the ancestral teachers, be familiar with their instruction,
Bind grasses to build a hut, and don’t give up.

Let go of hundreds of years and relax completely.
Open your hands and walk, innocent.
Thousands of words, myriad interpretations,
Are only to free you from obstructions.
If you want to know the undying person in the hut,
Don’t separate from this skin bag here and now.

- Shitou Xiqian (700-790)

Best Moment in Doctor Who EVER

The is the closing monologue in the episode “Listen” from Doctor Who airing 9/13/14 as Clara Oswald speaks to a child who is afraid of what is under the bed in the barn he is hiding in.

THIS is writing.

No spoilers here. Without context, the words won’t make sense so read away.


CLARA OSWALD: “Listen, this is just a dream. Very clever people can hear dreams. So please – just listen. I know you’re afraid. Being afraid is alright. Because didn’t anybody ever tell you?

“Fear is a superpower.

“Fear can make you faster, and cleverer, and stronger. And one day, you will come back to this barn. And on that day, you are going to be very afraid indeed. AND THAT’S OKAY. Because if you are very wise, and very strong, fear does not have to make you cruel or cowardly.

“Fear can make you kind.

“It doesn’t matter if there is nothing under the bed or in the dark so long, as you know it’s okay to be afraid of it.

“So listen. If you listen to anything else, listen to this. You’re always going to be afraid … even if you learn to hide it. Fear is like … a companion – a constant companion always there. But that’s okay, cuz fear can bring us together. Fear can bring you home. I’m going to leave you something, so you can always remember. Fear makes companions of us all.”

Sacred Geometry 101

What did the Pythagoreans get so excited about?


Some really cool ideas. Some really stupid Batshit. Two for one!

There is an hour and forty five minute version of this topic that he also did, and he goes kinda crazy. But like other topics, some of the good ideas are fascinating. I’m digging through his movie to check his claims and references.

Interesting notions though.

Cassandra Fable – Sine Wave

Cassandra was finishing up her class on Differential Equations at the University of Texas at Arlington. 

The students were getting their things together and a Christian asked an Atheist. 

“So, you really don’t believe in God? Do you believe you have a soul?” 

“No, answered the boy.” 

Cassandra stopped. Gestured for them to look at the board. 

She wrote the phrase “THIS IS A TAUTOLOGY” across the top. 

Beneath it she drew an X axis, a Y axis and a sine wave starting at zero. 

In the positive “Y” half of the graph she wrote “Being.” 

In the negative “Y” half of the graph she wrote “Not Being.” 

She turned and looked at them. Then she returned to the board and wrote. 

“The average of the sine wave is 0 across infinity.”

She looked at them. Turned and wrote again. 

“The starting POINT is (0.0).” 

She turned and looked at them again. This time with attitude and wrote two more lines. 

“A point is that which has no part.” – Euclid

“Point = Soul, when other points are involved in the creation of it, and IT creates them to ‘be’ and ‘not be’,” – Cassandra.

She turned and looked at them for a full ten seconds pointing at her quote, then she laughed out loud as she erased the board. She then walked out of the room, her heels clicking down the hall with a tone of joyful clarity. 

The boy checked out her ass as she left and WISHED TO GOD!

He finally figured out what she was really saying in his forties. It was the memory of Cassy’s ass that brought it all back. He was deep like that. 

The girl got a degree in engineering and then became a minister’s wife.

Phil Fable – Phil Becomes God

Phil was sitting with his mutt on a park bench in New York City at Thomas Payne park. A lot of people don’t know why Thomas Payne has a park names after him in New York City. The reason is because the great writer died a homeless drunk on its streets. In his later years, Payne was ostracized by almost everyone because of a book he wrote. It’s title?

“Age of Reason.” Payne vicious attack on Christianity, Judiasm and Islam. 

Many people think Payne had bi-polar disorder. He was a drunk. He couldn’t keep a job. He sucked with money. 

But he literally wrote America into existence with his book “Common Sense.” And no book had the courage of “Age of Reason” and Payne almost paid for that book with his life in France. 

Phil sat there thinking about how New York City did this to both Thomas Payne and Nicola Tesla who both died penniless world changers. He thought about the intolerance of religion and went back to the day before when he was accosted by a religious zealot. Their conversation reverberated in Phil’s head. 

“You really like this Jesus guy huh?” said Phil. 

“Well, HE CHANGED MY LIFE. And I want you in heaven with me!” said the Zealot. 

“I don’t believe God exists anymore as you describe,” said Phil. 

This started the well-worn standard “Does God Exist” debate with the Zealot giving out the same old arguments skeptics have shot down for years to no avail. Eventually, like many such conversations, it comes down to the good-old finisher – the God of the gaps. 

“Well,” said the Zealot. “You can’t prove he DOESN’T exist.” 

Phil smiled. He’d been waiting a long time to hear that come up. 

“True. And you know what? There is something I forgot to tell you. I’M ACTUALLY GOD. Yeah, that’s right. I made this universe and then I became a man again. Not to save the world like Jesus did. No, it was just to enjoy it. You may kneel if you like.”

“YOU ARE GOD?” mocked the Zealot. 

“Yup. Kneel.”

“So pick up the stone with your mind if you are God.” 

“Easy Satan, Jesus didn’t fall for that when he met HIS devil in the desert. It seems I have met mine here. Let me explain. In this incarnation of my divine nature, I have forgone ALL my powers.” 

Phil looked at the world around him with great love and admiration. 

“No, I gave them all up to just be here. Nothing fancy. Just my work before me. You too. I made you. In fact, I have made so many universes, your mind cannot fathom their number.” 

“Sir, I caution you that you are being blasphemous right now.” 

“It’s not blaspheme if it’s true.” 

“Well then, if you are God, did Jesus rise from the dead?” 

“That’s a spoiler. Sorry. You have to keep it on faith. If I told you that answer you wouldn’t need faith would you?”

“You’re GOOD,” laughed the Zealot. “I’ve never met someone like you before. But come on. You really need to stop kidding yourself. The Bible says…” 


The zealot stepped back. He started praying his eyes tightly shut …

“Dear Jesus, help this man see your grace, your sweet, sweet grace.”

He opened his eyes and Phil’s face and eyeballs were one inch away from his. 

“Boo.” said Phil. 

The zealot bounced back. He started walking away from Phil hastily. 

Phil pursued him from behind trumpeting his Godhood with the same logic the Zealot used earlier. 

“Can you prove that it is NOT true? Can you prove that I am NOT God? Can you? Well, that’s the point isn’t it. If you are going to base your tautological beliefs on what is NOT provable, then why be some God’s BITCH when you can be the GOD HIMSELF! Why waste such power? Can you prove that YOU are not God?” 

The zealot turned around. 

“I”ll pray for you.’ 

“You mean TO me right?”


“Why so great a no? I can’t prove your God doesn’t exist and you can’t prove I am NOT the God you worship.” 

“I”m done here,” said the Zealot. 

“Wait, one more thing, and I promise I will let you go. I gave you free will after all. I want to say ONE thing to make it all right.” 

The Zealot stood still – waiting. 

“I’m not really your God.”

“Thank you,” said the Zealot.

“I know your God doesn’t exist anymore because I captured Him myself. He was a gene-torturer and guilty of celestial war crimes among the continuum of monads. He had to be taken out, and it was my job. I did it with this wrist watch.”

Phil held up his left wrist and continued. 

“It sucked him up just like in Ghost Busters. I’m sorry. It was for the betterment of the rest of the multiverse. I can assure you, though that we didn’t send him to a hell like he did to trillions. We didn’t stoop to HIS level. Nobody deserves hell. Let’s just say he can’t hurt anyone anymore …” 

The zealot just walked away. 

A pretty girl captured Phil’s attention back to where he was. A fall leaf blew and lodged itself agains his trowser as Phil petted Mickey. Mickey put his chin on his knee and Phil felt Mickey’s tiny chin bones cut into his thigh. He thought about the Zealot and realized that his conversation had NO impact whatsoever. 

“You remember don’t you Mick. Oh, that Jehovah was NOT happy! I still shudder at the look in His face as he was sucked into the A-11…”